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8/5/10 4:15:34PM
Thiago Alves caused a stir Wednesday when he no-showed an open workout in Concord, Calif., for this Saturday's UFC 117 event because he reportedly had trouble cutting weight. That has led to wide speculation that Alves will come in heavy for a highly anticipated rematch with Jon Fitch. But Alves' manager, Malki Kawa, said the worries are much ado about nothing and that his client will make 170 pounds. In fact, he said that Alves currently is 177 pounds and in "high, high spirits" as he preps for Fitch.

8/5/10 4:27:54PM
I still think cardio is going to be a major issue. If Alves doesn't end it in the 1st, I see Fitch winning another decision.
8/5/10 4:29:41PM
This makes me feel very safe picking Fitch.
8/5/10 6:29:16PM
I'm not trying to pre-judge Alves too much here, to me he's got his shot at making weight, but if he fails I'll laugh my ass off.
8/5/10 8:39:09PM
Interesting that they said 177, because normally hes around 190 the days before a fight.
8/6/10 1:27:11PM
seemed like ricardo might be struggling a bit to make weight as I saw on mmamania but I think everyone will make weight
8/6/10 8:33:10PM
Looks like he missed weight.

From Sherdog
(Thiago Alves (171.5) missed weight again for his welterweight showdown with Jon Fitch (170.5). Alves was given two hours to make 171, but he could not and will be penalized 20 percent of his purse, according to Previously the Brazilian missed weight against Matt Hughes in June 2008. He was also suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in 2007 after testing positive for diuretics.)
8/6/10 8:42:43PM
2 hours to shed .5. Wow.
8/8/10 10:16:55PM
didn't make it, and Dana wants him to move up to 185
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