which ufc main event will be the most exciting?

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POLL: Which UFC main event will be the most exciting?
UFC 82 Silva vs. Henderson 43% (31)
UFC 83 Serra vs. St. Pierre 11% (8)
UFC 84 Penn vs. Sherk 17% (12)
UFC 85 Shogun vs. Chuck 26% (19)
Fight Night 13 Florian vs. Lauzon lol 3% (2)
2/11/08 2:14:30PM
which main event coming up will be the most exciting in your opinion and why???
for me its either UFC 82 and UFC 85 what do yall think??
2/11/08 2:32:21PM
Rua V Chuck will hopefully be a better version of Wandy and Chuck. Better meaning Shogun pulls it off lol.

2nd would be anything with BJ in it. BJ vs. a dead tree would be exciting to see. Watch him armbar a limb or something lol
2/11/08 2:33:04PM
silva henderson easily!
2/11/08 2:33:05PM
Silva-Henderson for me. The top 2 guys in the weight class (not sure if you can say that about any of the other matchups--maybe Penn-Sherk) with a lot of possibilities for how the fight goes down. I'm most interested in seeing who gets the better of the clinch, which is where I think that one will be won or lost.
2/11/08 2:40:17PM
If i could only see one of these fights it would be the silva vs henderson fight hands down. the other matchups are great but this one is so intriguing and personally the hardest for me to pick. Its two CHAMPIONS going at who have a lot to prove, whoever wins is immediately going to the #1 spot on my pound 4 pound list. both fighters are extremely well-rounded and this fight has fight of the year written all over it!
2/11/08 2:58:21PM
I really think that the Chuck / Shogun fight is going to be the most exciting... With Florian / Louzan coming in second...

I mean, I'm pretty excited about all of these fights, but the rest have a definite potential to be a little on the less active side... If Sherk uses dominant wrestling to shut down BJ... It could be 25 minutes of 'control' with little actual offense... IMO, BJ's jits is good enough to nulify Sherk's strenght/wrestling but you never know

GSP / Serra, IMO, is going to be a onesided ass kicking... There is little any welter weight can do when matched up against a very focused and seemingly very angry GSP... He's got the all around game to beat anyone in the div, and I don't see him making the same mistake twice...

Silva / Hendo is a very interesting matchup... Like someone pointed out earlier, the greco vs thai clinches will be interesting to watch, and it's the classic wrestler vs striker matchup... But it's another fight, where we can see Decision Dan come back, and use his superior wrestling and overall power to control the fight for the majority...

Not saying that this is how these fights will go down... After all, who the hell knows, right?.... But at least we know with Chuck and Maricio, we'll get to see good standup exchanges and more than likely an exciting finish... Or at least and exciting fight like the Wandy fight

And with the Lauzon / Florian fight... I just think the two guys styles matchup very well... It helps that their LW's too(good cardio, lots of action)... I see this fight being exciting wherever it ends up, and think it has def pos of being a fight of the year candidate
2/11/08 3:01:51PM
Hard choice, im excited for them all, i think lauzon vs florian will be an amazing fight, but i think the other 3 fights are alot more anticipated. I cant wait for chuck vs shogun, and if bj beats sherk that will also be awesome. Hopfully gsp will beat serra so the rankings can be put right and people will stop overrating serra so much, and he can have his grudge match with hughes. Silva vs henderson is probably the biggest fight the middleweight division has seen in a long while and i can see any bigger fights happening any time over the next few years in that div, so i think thats what im most excited for.
2/11/08 3:09:28PM
BJ sean is going be a good one, a lot of bad blood there
2/11/08 3:54:56PM
As far as exciting itll probably be Silva vs. Hendo, but the one i really want to see is Liddell vs. Rua
2/11/08 4:56:01PM
I think Silva vs Henderson will be the most exciting and i think Sherk vs Penn will be the least exciting. To me any fight with Silva is going to be exciting because i just love watching him fight.
2/11/08 5:09:24PM
Chuck vs Shogun easily. That will be a stand up WAR!!! It should be better then Chuck vs Wandy with a KO finish since Shogun is healthy. That will be a non-stop action fight.

Hendo-Silva will have it's moments like when Silva hits Hendo hard but could be lackluster clinch work from Hendo like in the Rampage fight. Not that it wasn't a good fight but it wasn't as near exciting as Wandy-Chuck.

GSP vs Serra will be a quick fight. Either Serra will take GSP's head off early again of GSP will get the TD and get the 1st RD GNP stoppage.

Joe-Kenflo would be my second pick since both are explosive and exciting and one force will have to give. But with Shogun-Chuck, Shogun does not have the best takedowns and Chuck owns wrestlers/grapplers. So it will be an exciting slugfest which hopefully ends in a Shogun KO win
2/11/08 8:13:51PM
UFC 85. anytime Chuck gets KOed by a skilled striker is a good day, so when shogun does it and shuts up all of the nay sayers that dropped him after one bad performance it will easily be one of my favorite main events; besides when Serra came out of nowhere and beat GSP and all of us back here on Long Island couldn't believe it.

Chuck vs Shogun will be a good fight no matter what the outcome though tbh. i'm not that near sighted where i see only one outcome, but every outcome i see is entertaining. either shogun comes out timidly again and chuck KOs him, shogun and chuck both come in top form and give a war or shogun KOs liddell with precision. i can't see this being a boring fight because if either fighter starts to put on a sub-par performance then the other will just capitalize and score an exciting KO.
2/11/08 8:43:18PM
henderson silva, shogun chuck. chuck and silva getting the KAY OHH FA SHO

2/11/08 10:30:59PM
In my opinion I want to see them all. But if I had to pick which one I want to see most it has to be Penn vs. Sherk. With Silva vs. Henderson being really close. I'm mean theres some real bad blood thats going to be brewing in the Penn/Sherk fight and that always makes the fight more fun to watch.
2/11/08 11:37:12PM
It might not be the most exciting.. but I am anticipating the Sherk vs. Penn fight the most.
2/12/08 3:56:00AM
i agree with you its between 82 and 85

I think AS vs Hendo is gonna either end in the championship rounds or in a decision, its gonna be very technical and entertaining, but at the same time its gonna be at a slower pace then chuck vs shogun, not at crawl speed, but not fast moving all over the place.

While for 85 i think Shogun vs Chuck is gonna be somewhat short and very fast all over the place action.

As much as i love technical fights, i think im gonna have to go with Chuck vs Shogun
2/13/08 2:04:40PM
I think the Sherk vs Penn fight will be a war, I cant wait for that
2/13/08 3:07:39PM
all will be amazing fights... hence being main events... but I have to go with Hendo v Silva. I'm really excited for it.

1. It's a title unification bout

2. No one can really say that this isn't a battle for #1 and #2 in the division..they are both far spread from the rest it seems.

3. Hardest fight to pick IMO. While other fights will be wars..even the betting lines have a favorite. this one as of right now is pretty much dead even.
2/14/08 3:11:50PM
I picked Silva vs. Hendo because it means the most in the grand scheme of things. I have been waiting for someone to test Silva evere since he KO'd my boy Leben why not make it a Team Quest original.

Next best fight there for me will be GSP vs. Serra for when Serra goes out I will be soo happy that I may buy all my buddies with me shots and beer, the last time I was in shock for about 30 minutes.

The best in terms of action will be Sherk vs. Penn both are masters of a discipline that counters the other. Transitions in this fight should be awesome. That is if BJ doesn't rip his arm off in the first minute.

Shogun vs. Chuck is a fight that I find very interesting but hope it is not the main attraction on the card. This peaks my interest because for the longest time they were #1 and 2 on my LHW rankings. I don't care who wins but I believe for some reason that Chuck will by KO rd 1.

The Finisher vs. Joe Lauzon. This one will be over very quickly IMO. Kenny will be way too much for Joe to handle anywhere the fight goes.
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