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12/17/07 8:33:00AM
Former world Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion and current Abu Dhabi champion Demian Maia started off on the right foot in the UFC when he submitted Ryan Jensen with a rear-naked choke.

The Brazilian loved the experience.
12/17/07 8:51:57AM
He should face evan tanner
12/17/07 8:57:05AM
probably will face evan tanner or travis lutter
12/17/07 9:19:15AM
Maia is definitely a future star. I don't think he's ready for Spider, Ace, Hendo, Okami, or Leites, but he could definitely beat most of the guys directly below them. As one of the best ground fighters in the UFC, Maia is on the fast track to the UFC MW title.

I have always talked about him as someone that could beat Silva, and I still stick to that claim. Maia could take Silva down and GnP him without getting hurt. If he gets a shot at Silva in early 09, then we'll have a new champ.
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