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11/29/07 3:18:27AM
Mac Danzig's gives his take about last night's TUF episode. What did he have to say about the "Upper Decker" incident?
11/29/07 5:54:21AM
Mac Danzig is easily the smartest and most intelligently respectable guys on the show and I always love these little Blogs. If he was on this site he'd easily have 200 props in two weeks since his opinions are real good!

War Mac Danzig!

I think he will win the show but something keeps poking me inside my gut giving me this feeling that this "brutal" KO is at the cost of his chin. Can't wait to find out!
11/29/07 11:53:06AM
His blogs are hilarious. He should have a radio show or a write column all the time.
11/29/07 12:16:24PM
Best Danzig quote ever: "He says that “my bark is louder than my bite.” I have to laugh at that. This is coming from a guy who submitted by whining like a little girl into George’s anal cavity while kicking his feet like Fay Wray in “King Kong.”"

11/29/07 11:52:11PM
mac's gonna win this

real talk
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