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7/27/08 5:08:45AM
Do people really not realize the difference between Starnes and Machida or is this just an unusual circumstance that noone with a brain has weighed in on this.
7/27/08 2:37:01PM
everyone in this discussion that has hated on Machida is a complete idiot. did none of you see how he stuffed Tito's shots (not to mention it was a !00% Tito, not the Tito of the past few years that has been plagued by back problems and other injuries). Machida's fights may not always be the most exciting, but he has so far had one of the best game plans in MMA to date. the in and out striking, with the ability to elude strikes and counter strikes and also being able to take the fight to the ground fairly easily or keep it standing if he so chooses. The only reason it seemed he was "running" from Tito is that Machida is smart and knows that Tito has trying to strike his way in close enough to get a good shot to take the fight to the ground. Machida wanted to stay standing which he knew would mean constantly moving and not standing right in front of Tito striking flat footed. Machida is the real deal and will have a chance at the title if he doesn't get shafted by Dana, but I think he'll win his next fight and get a title shot after that. he may not win the belt, but he is definitely a top contender and will be for awhile, at least until someone comes up with a better gameplan to bet him.
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