Who will Lyoto Machida fight next?

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1/5/08 4:48:30PM
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Two links here, one is Lyoto Machida calling out Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell, and the second is about the UFC offering Lyoto Machida a fight with Tito Ortiz!
1/5/08 5:11:49PM
Ryu would be better off fighting Liddell
1/5/08 5:16:17PM
Fight with Tito would probably be a snooze festt.taking on Liddell would be very interesting I think.Machida could be a bad match up for Liddell,and he might pull out a win.I think it would be on a decision,but regardless,he could beat Liddell.

Liddell could catch Machida equaly as well though.I could see one of those counter punches landing squarley on Lyoto's chin.
1/5/08 5:19:43PM
If he beats Liddell he will probably get the next title shot!!! This would make him 5-0 in the UFC beating two top contenders and still being undefeated. However if he losses than it's his first loss and a major step down considering he hasn't had the most exciting fights. Regardless I think Lyoto and Chuck would be a great fight. Chuck by decision.
1/5/08 5:26:10PM
Machida would beat them both IMO. Like it's been said over and over. He is the Winky Wright of MMA. He's a skillful counterfighter that just makes you look very, very bad. But just like Winky his downfall might be the action in his fights and give some rounds to his opponents and might get screw'd, especially against these poster boys, in decision.

Machida is a counterpuncher just like Chuck. But he's better in every other asp;ect of MMA besides sprawling. No way Chuck should be shooting. I think either way though, Machida makes him look bad on the feet for a split decision like they gave Jardine that should have been Unanimous, but split decision. Or if it goes to the ground. Machida should submit Chuck late after frustrating him early.

As for Tito. Machida is better at everything besides wrestling. If he can counter strike like Liddell did he could pick him apart the same way but don't have as great of a sprawl but he won't be a helpless GNP victim. Vitor freakin' trains with him and he did excellent and should have beat Tito and I see this fight going the exact same way but Tito's not like how he was a few years back so I just see Machida taking this decision, but split. Tito is still a major posterboy.

I just want to see Machida get tested. Rich and BJ belong in different weight classes. Bonnar was young and immature. Soko had yet to be battle tested. He just needs the ultimate test and these would be great test because if he beats them. I think he could definitely claim a close spot in the contender race against Rampage. I just want to see him Fight Shogun or Keith for some reason. Just IMO.
1/5/08 5:27:27PM
Hope he he doesn't fight Tito.
1/5/08 5:57:38PM
I think the Tito fight is less risky but would yeild him the next title shot anyways. I see Chuck meeting Shogun in their next fights. Dana's making fights that he said he would when they got pride and I think he'll continue. It's very easy to promote any fight with Tito because people love him or hate him, and Chuck vs Shogun would be good because Shogun is still a big name and a great fighter. Also if Chuck won he would be right back there for a title shot, and if Shogun wins you can set up a ton of great fights. Also Dana offering Herring a fight with Kongo shows the UFC isn't scared of putting someone coming off a win against someone coming off a loss.
1/5/08 6:00:34PM
Id personally like to see him fight tito. I dont think it would be a snooze fest, i think lyoto will just keep his distance and pick ortiz apart. For some reason though, ive just got a feeling tito is going to turn this fight down. As far as a fight with chuck goes, thats somthing id be very interested to see. Obviously, all the chuck haters are going to come out and say lyoto is just a better mma fighter, like they did before the wandy fight, but i personally would give chuck a pretty good chance. Yeh machida is elusive, but so is the ice man. I think it might come down to chuck being a little more powerfull with his shots, and i think hel put machida away in the second. Lyoto might be better on the ground, but from the little information in that artice it seems like hed want to stand with chuck. Who knows though, ive been wrong before, but its a fight id love to see and id go with chuck, 2nd round tko.
1/5/08 6:35:42PM
Machida has not fought any top five fighters in the 205 division. I would take Chuck or Tito. Think he is friends with Silva so I dont think he will be fighting him.
1/5/08 7:53:09PM
Chuck is the man...he proved he's focused and dedicated and i feel he's about to go on another tear through the division....starting with machida's ass
1/5/08 8:18:51PM
Im taking Machida all day going against both those guys. Will it be easy, no. But that was a great analogy with Winky Wright. That's exactly what he is. This guy is talented, ever improving, elusive, underated as a striker, and brilliant.
1/5/08 10:18:06PM
MMAJunkie is saying Tito.
1/6/08 12:41:41AM
Yeah, I was going to throw that one in there at first but couldn't get the link to work for some reason....yours is working for me though.
1/6/08 1:17:06AM
Lyoto would beat Tito, and he would beat the Chuck that fought Rampage and Jardine, but he wouldn't beat the Chuck that fought Wandy....IMO ofcourse...
1/6/08 1:18:31AM

Posted by HurricaneHeron

Machida has not fought any top five fighters in the 205 division. I would take Chuck or Tito. Think he is friends with Silva so I dont think he will be fighting him.

A lot of sites had Soko in the top 5. So he kind of has....
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