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9/29/09 10:25:01PM
What does the playground think about Thiago Silva stepping in at 107 and fighting Rashad as a replacement for Rampage? He's tough test for anybody, a named contender, maybe not a top one, but he's at the bottom of the top 10 which I think is better then Rashad fighting a non-top 10 like Bonnar again or somebody like OBrien or Houston. I think a bottom top 10 fight would be the best thing for him. He's a favorite to win and winning actually does something for him since he stated thats the reason he didn't want to fight Randy cause it was a lose-lose situation. A win could boost his confidence and keep him at the top of 205. I mean it's definitely a better fight then Rampage which I believe would have been a second straight loss with my man Rampage knocking him out brutally but what do you think about Thiago Silva stepping in? Thiago stated he wants it, Rashad has said he'd love to fight him. Lets make it happen!

He just ran through Jardine who usually is the stepping stone for Rashads opponents. He's been pretty exciting if not impressive in all his fights but the Machida fight. I mean he's shown he can take punishment but overcome the adversity and still comeback and win fights. He has the heart, the skills, everything you'd like to see in a tough top fighter. Always brings it. I mean the only time he's looked really bad is against Machida, and I say again, the only time he's ever looked really bad is against MAF*CKIN MACHIDA!!! Who doesn't look bad against him? Rashad even did. He just lasted longer because his style of fighting kept him in it longer since Thiago just comes forward he's easier to hit and thats why I love his style though, he's tough and will take a punch to land a punch. He didn't even look himself against Machida, he wasn't really aggressive, he just WALKED Machida down which was a terrible idea. He was slow, fatter, but the one that fought Jardine looked legit. I'd love to see him get a test like this after a good comeback and confidence booster against Jardine. This fight was suppose to happen at 84 or 85. I think 84 until Rashad got offered Chuck at 85 but anyway I believe back in the day and alot of people had Thiago winning along with me and I still think he could pull it off, just wondering what anybody would think about this happening now and if they'd still have the same winner.

I think if it hits the ground, Thiago definitely has the beautiful transitions, BJJ, and devastating ground strikes to give him an advantage against Rashad, and he's always active and aggressive even on the ground so I think it'll be hard for Rashad to LNP even though he hasn't in a while but on the feet I definitely think Thiago could land a good shot and make for an exciting fight on the feet, but I think'd hed do real good if he got in close and fought in the clinch to strike or get Rashad to the ground but getting guard or tripping him down. I love this fight though my brain says Rashad has every tool to do what Machida did, I believe Thiago could pull this off and would!
9/29/09 10:50:39PM
I still think Rashad wrecks him if he takes it seriously, and I don't see why he wouldn't. As much as I despise Rashad for his cockiness and antics I can't pick against him too much, only a few people.
9/29/09 11:39:45PM
I'd love it....and I love the match up. We all know that Rashad looks generally faster and with better foot/head movement. We all know that Thiago likes to presure people and has KO power. However what I would really love is if it went to the ground. For God's sake he was waving Machida into his gaurd! Thiago has stated many times that he trains in BJJ a lot and I'd love to see it against Rashad's wrestling. I just think that the way these 2 guys are it would end up a striking match. Great match up!
9/30/09 12:17:25AM
Shogun's inactivity made me put Thiago in my #1 Favorite spot, now they're both sharing it. So, F**** yeah! give Thiago son top competition and like someone already said here(sorry forgot who exactly), they're both "undefeated" besides their loss to the same guy, the current champ, so it makes some sense.
9/30/09 12:33:13AM
I would. It would get Evan's one step closer to a title shot
9/30/09 9:06:39AM
IMO Silva has better stand up than Rashad and most of these brazilan guys are good on the ground but it gets over shadowed

On rashads stand up he seems to think its great and went away from his wrestling but there are a ton of guys out there way better than rashad and thiago is one. I think he had 2 pretty lucky wins in a row and now his head has him thinking he is better than he is. Why do I say lucky well he caught chuck at the end of his career and with that win got a crack a another fighter who was overrated in forrest AND FORREST WAS WINNING THAT FIGHT! Till it went to the ground and we all knew rashad was better there

Well if this fight does take place I'm gonna take Silva by 2nd Rd KO
9/30/09 12:06:12PM
I would like Thiago to win but I think Rashad might be just to quick to the punch and def...has better cardio. I think rashad can finish this fight
9/30/09 12:47:20PM
I would like this fight. But I would see Rashad winning in great fashion. Rashad's speed and accuracy usually beats guys who like to brawl, and Thiago has good stand-up but he is a brawler.

So if this fight does happen....

Rashad by late tko or decision
9/30/09 4:26:01PM
I think rashard by tko even thou a wud love to see silva ko him.A think a Dan Hendo fight wud be good against Rashard and silva vs forrest wud be good to.
9/30/09 5:55:55PM
Damn that would be an excelent fight. I would pick Thiago TKO 2nd
9/30/09 7:26:04PM
this fight is pretty much a done deal already will happen at ufc 108 not ufc 107 though
9/30/09 9:28:27PM
YES period
9/30/09 11:07:34PM
Thiago replacing Rampage is good if Rampage isn't gonna fight. However, I would rather see Rashad take on Rampage than Thiago Silva if given the choice.
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