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10/8/08 5:12:11PM
I wrote an article on MMA on my blog


called MMA 101 : An Intro to MMA.

But I was hoping to find some folks who are really into MMA who could fact check it for me.
10/9/08 1:20:05PM
is there any way you can post a link directly to the article i couldnt get to it when i trye
10/9/08 1:25:13PM

Working with the New Jersey Athletic Commission, the new UFC established a set of "Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts" The New Jersey Athletic Commission accepted these rules and sanctioned the fight under the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board's "Unified Rules" Most other states, primarily New York, California and of course Nevada quickly followed (Michigan only recently accepted in the Spring of 2008) and this allowed UFC to return from the back alley's to front stage

Not sure about the comment of New York I don't think that they ever sanctioned UFC events Thanks to a man by the name of Randy Gordon. That being said he is now fighting to get into New york
10/10/08 8:42:51PM
i thought it was a good article.

one flaw and its already been posted MMA is still not sanctioned in New York

and i disagree with the greatest mma fight of all time but those are just opinions

thanks for spreading a good word about mma
11/10/08 2:36:13PM
good article well written.. I disagree with some of your choice inthe top fighters but as you said they are your opinions and I can understand why there are there.. your all time list is pretty good.. as for the greatest fight of all time.. while Penn/hughes was a great fight.. Heck I thought Faber Pulver was Better to name one of the top of my head and there are lots of other ones that are great as well.
11/10/08 5:08:12PM
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