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8/31/07 12:46:21PM
Dean Lister joins Randy Couture's team, opens up San Diego branch of Xtreme Couture
8/31/07 1:28:37PM
I can't wait to see the documentary...sounds interesting.
8/31/07 3:31:37PM
First Silva, now Lister? Damn, that camp is getting ******* ridiculous.
8/31/07 3:45:15PM
Good , now they have somebody to help others with their Jits
8/31/07 5:15:33PM
did he join it or just go to work out there? i see this guy everwhere
8/31/07 5:33:08PM
thats a great addition, and i hope lister trains hard too, and he could learn a thing or too there, he seems to move around alot, but i hope he is there to stay, and can get back on track...
8/31/07 9:41:12PM
Good hopefully he can become a more versatile fighter there. His stand-up really needs help! I'd love to see him fight against Jason Macdonald or Ed Herman.
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