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12/2/09 2:54:15PM
i usually cut around 10 pounds the week of a jiu jitsu tournament and when i wrestled in high school i always could cut at least 5 pounds the day of the meet and now its time for another jiu jitsu tournament and ive been getting taller in the last months but im gonna still compete at the 139 and under div i weigh 144 ass naked and i have to be 139 and under with my gi on (3-4lbs) by dec12th and i jus cant seem to get the weight off this time i want to lose as much weight as possible now and then ill start cutting in the days following any suggestions for food i started cutting out carbs and i train 3 hours a night
12/2/09 3:08:38PM
I found this helpful for my last fight. Its hard to do but works.

GSP on cutting weight

Day of the fight I wanted to lose 3 lbs so I sat in a hot epsom salt bath and sucked on hard candy so I could spit ( I don't chew). Funny part was when I got to the scale it was 4 lbs light so I was supposed to be 155 and weighed in at 149.

Most importantly Have fun don't kill yourself cutting weight and not preform the way you want.
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