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2/27/07 8:50:22AM
Liddell is open for anything

good article from the boston herald about chuck..
talks about fighting rampage, cro cop, and other things about what he does
2/27/07 6:00:33PM
It's cool that a big name in sports (Sports Illustrated) is featuring Chuck (and more importantly, MMA). Nice read, thanks for sharing

Not sure what to think of Chuck vs CC though... don't get me wrong, Chuck is one of my 2 favorite fighters (the other is my poor Gomi ), but I think that the precision striking and nuclear warhead legs of CC might be Chuck's cryptonite.
3/1/07 1:09:00PM
I'm afraid we have a situation brewing here. Chuck, who has earned a reputation as the most feared striker in the UFC, now faces a challenge to that title. Cro Cop is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. His power (leg kicks primarily) is staggering.
In my opinion, Chuck does not want to lose that reputation. The posibility led him to publicly challenge Cro Cop. I believe that Chuck wants the fight. He has the heart of a warrior. Cro Cop would definitely welcome the opportunity to fight him...he has already fought some of the best in the world at several weight classes.
The problem is this...
I'm afraid that Dana White will not let the fight take place. He now has the priviledge of saying that the TWO most feared strikers in MMA are in his organization; albeit, in two different weight classes.
For the sake of the fans, I sincerely hope that this fight takes place.
>fans would love it
>both fighters want it (I think)
>PPV sales would be unbelievable
>a question would answered

This is going to be good
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