UFC, Liddell headed to Atlanta in September

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6/6/08 10:32:59AM
We heard from a few reliable sources about the Phillips Arena event, but at the time the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) that Zuffa hadn't even begun preliminary talks about bringing an event to the state.

Nevermind; UFC president Dana White recently told ESPN The Magazine that the organization is, in fact, heading to Atlanta -- and Chuck Liddell is headlining the event.

White told the magazine about the fight date and Liddell's involvement:

The fight is going to be in Atlanta, Georgia -- that's something we haven't said publicly yet. There's something no one else has heard.

6/6/08 10:35:51AM
no opponent as of yet i'm guessing?
6/6/08 10:39:54AM

Posted by babytater03

no opponent as of yet i'm guessing?

Yea not yet, but rumor is Shogun (orginal fight for UFC 85)....But there has also been said if shogun isnt available, James Irvin might take his place.
6/6/08 10:46:34AM
Heck yeah,...James Irvin Vs. Chuck Liddell, id like that. Id be rooting for James Irvin. Except if chuck loses again they may not have a Wanderlei vs. Chuck 2.
6/6/08 10:52:11AM
I d rather see Chuck Vs. Forrest or Houston Alexander
6/6/08 11:06:01AM

Posted by snakeplissken

I d rather see Chuck Vs. Forrest or Houston Alexander

Forrest is fighting for the Title in july, so i doubt he would be ready for chuck in time (just two month between fights). Houston has lost his last 2 fights

My top 3 choices would be:
Irvin/rashad (tied) (although i'd rather see wandy Vs Irvin)

But a possible rematch with Jardine isnt out of the question.
6/6/08 11:43:41AM

I'll be there. Not really excited about Chuck unless is vs. Shogun, however Wandy's 36 sec. KO over Jardine puts him out of health issues(my guess) so hopefully he'll be there too, and maybe add Thiago vs Rashad (that'd make me happy to see Thiago).

If Liddell is pointed to headline = no A. Silva

Hendo vs Franklin maybe?
6/6/08 12:14:34PM
i think it would have been silva vs okami
looks like that will be pushed back till oct

i say lidell vs shogun

co main event hendo vs franklin maybe or finally silva vs evans
6/6/08 12:17:37PM
I should get to go since I live in Tennessee so
6/6/08 12:30:08PM
im from MS & wish i had enough $ to go
6/6/08 3:35:34PM
BOOYAH!!!! I will be there for sure! Please please please let Wandy be fighting on that card!!!!!!!
6/6/08 7:33:08PM
Since he is the main event I think Dana will try to set up a Chuck vs Shogun for that one. I could see him putting Rashad in there as well also. Should be a good one.
6/7/08 1:42:24AM
I would love to see Chuck destroy Jardine and avenge his loss.

That should be the headliner and i reckon Chuck would want that a lot too....
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