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POLL: Who would win??
Tim Sylvia 34% (16)
Brock Lesnar 66% (31)
2/3/08 12:54:40AM
They both did farely well, but where both caught by subs. I actually think this would be a very interesting fight. I can't say who would win. Very hard for me to call. I know these guys would bad mouth the hell out of he other.
2/3/08 1:55:12AM
Lesnar walking down Sylvia overpowering and exploding Sylvia into the cage and grinding out a decision.
2/3/08 1:55:51AM
I'll need to think about it a bit more. But at this point, just at a quick glance. I'll take lesnar to win. I may list reasons tomorrow if I need to. I'm pretty tired right now.
2/3/08 8:42:00AM
if lesnar fights sylvia next, i wanna see arlovski vs mir !!!!!!!
2/3/08 9:29:10AM
i think lesnar would take it, he has some serious GnP, and i doubt tim would be able to stop the takedowns
2/3/08 9:35:18AM
Yeah I think I will have to go with Lesnar as well.His takedowns seem almost impossible to stop,and he even dropped Mir to the mat with what looked like a lazy left straight if i'm not mistaken.(I was a little drunk)

Lesnar showed a scary amount of promise in this match,and with some work I honestly believe this guy can be a top contender for the title.
2/3/08 9:35:36AM
Sylvia's ground game leaves much to be desired and Lesnar is a great wrestler i find it hard to believe that it would take much to get Sylvia to the ground with his immense strength i there is no doubt in my mind that he would either GnP to a tko or decision or he might be able to end it with a sub.
2/3/08 9:43:24AM
i dont think lesnar should fight someone as high up as big tim, i think big tim should fight gonzaga and lesnar should fight someone like the hardonk
2/3/08 9:54:44AM

Posted by mrsmiley


Lesnar showed a scary amount of promise in this match,and with some work I honestly believe this guy can be a top contender for the title.


Lesnar effectively stuffed Mir's arm bars repeatedly and at will basically. He took him down and intimidated him at will. And against another Striking fighter he's probably unstoppable. But i definitely think either Sanchez or Hardonk or another mid-class striker is going to be getting a call later this month.

Big Tim v. GG
Lesnar v. Sanchez > IMO
2/3/08 10:58:42AM
Lesnar v. Cro Cop in '08
2/3/08 12:52:21PM
i wanna see this fight
2/3/08 1:43:10PM
Im just going to make an early prediction that this fight will be the main or co-main event at UFC 86 and in my mind i see it being a great fight, possibly fight of the night possibly knock out of the night...who knows but this fight definitly makes sense
2/3/08 1:50:52PM
i really hope lesnar stays around the mma game for a while. as stated above this guy has so much potential if he dedicates himself he'll be a force. the only thing im worried about is his determination and heart. he tried wwe for a while, then quit, he tried football, and now he's trying mma. hopefully he can stick around for a while.
2/3/08 2:33:04PM

Posted by xchickox

i dont think lesnar should fight someone as high up as big tim, i think big tim should fight gonzaga and lesnar should fight someone like the hardonk

Yea, Lesnar already got a UFC contract without proving anything and now people want him still fighting top 5 HWs without him even winning a fight yet? Let him beat a few lower guys first (if he can) and then we can talk Sylvia.
2/3/08 2:39:04PM

Lesnar will get kongo next and destroy him.
2/3/08 3:02:53PM
one thing is you guys can't deny he is fun two watch and that point takin away cause the punch to the back of the head was BULL SHIT he was turnibg and movin like crazy it should of been a warning
2/3/08 6:47:10PM

Posted by ncordless

Lesnar v. Cro Cop in '08

lol...They went Lesnar to win...Not to get scared away.
2/4/08 8:13:51PM
Lesnar would do what randy did except finish with a brutal ground and pound.....How is Tim gonna match lesnar's speed and strength with his lanky slow ass throwin slap shots??? I think lesnar domintes every heavy weight with the exception of EXCELLENT jiu jitsu guys such as Nogeria, Werdum, and Gonzaga....Mir being probably the most ruthless with the submissions...So now brock with that loss has seen the best and will come back more exprienced and will begin his tear through the division. The sky is the limit with lesnar and you can't disagree with that folks.
2/5/08 12:24:08AM
If Lesnar wants to stand with Tim i can see Tim winning but Lesnar would be too smart for that i would hope. Lesner by GnP.

Sadly he would make me buy a PPV depending on the guy hes fighting because its so unpredictable and your probably getten a finish. I think its worth it to see this guy evolve. He did almost beat a former ufc heavy weight champ in his second fight EVER. Thats pretty dang scary.

Officially (and very surprised) hoping on the Brock Lesner band wagon. Next stop main eventing another PPV
2/5/08 12:36:29AM
IMO This is a HUGE mismatch. think about the intangibles.

Lesnar is too big and too aggressive for Tim to keep the distance and win a decision by jabbing and running for 3 rounds and Lesnar's too big and strong for Tim to LNP against the cage for 3 rounds.

Tim is not a better grappler even though he has attempted funny ass horrible looking submissions in the past. So Lesnar would take him down IMO and pound on him.

On the feet, even thought it pains me to say, Tim has more technique but Lesnar has raw power and will get better on the feet so it's not like Tim has a huge advantage.

3 round Fight: Lesnar Unanimous Decision
5 Round Fight: Split decision because Lesnar might gas if he does not finish Tim from the way he GNP's.

But I think Lesnar has the clear advantage to win this fight besides experience which he is gaining fast.
9/2/08 9:51:05PM
I'm going with Big Timmy.

Big reach, trusts his striking and also important is that big Timmy cuts Lesnar's weight advantage that he enjoyed over his last 3 opponents and more experience.
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