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6/15/11 1:09:32AM
I recently had my first MMA fight and did OK but lost by split decision. I received a number of leg kicks during the fight which slowed me a little but also left me bruised for about a week!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to toughen your thighs, obviosusly not getting kicked at all would help but it's not that easy!

Will weight training (putting on muscle) help much?? Is it a matter of getting used to it or is there some other way to toughen them??

If any one has any hints it would be much appreciated . . .
6/15/11 10:04:42AM
what you do is get a partner and stand with your legs apart and your hands on your head.Then get your partner to kick you on the inside and outside of your legs and both sides of the your body just hard enough so it stings and repeat. It works.
6/15/11 12:33:02PM
Yes, not getting kicked would be a great technique ;-) A great way to develop some toughness to the leg is by putting on additional thigh and hamstring mass.

If you look at the anatomy of the human leg you will notice that there is very little mass on the inside and outside of the leg, especially above the knee and upwards towards the hip bone.

The reason why we have the most muscle on the front and back of the leg is because the leg movement is to pull the leg back and forth...not so much to the sides.

What kicks are there that you get kicked most with, either a outside leg kick or inside leg kick right?

Drill #1
Find a partner and trade leg outside leg kicks, both of you should have your left foots forward. Let him kick you and then you kick him. Over time build up speed and power delivered. If you wanted to make it a "whos tougher" game then just see who can take the most kicks before someone quits.

Drill #2
Find a partner and trade inside leg kicks, both of you stand with your left foots forward. Let him kick you and then you kick him, over time build up seed and power delivered. If you wanted to make it a "whos tougher" game then just see who can take the most kicks before someone quits.

Drill #3
Normally when your fighting and some one delivers an outside leg kick, you don't just stand there and take it, your constantly moving and will have to put weight on that leg eventually. This is normally when the fight ends and the fighter either falls to his knee in defeat or just falls to the ground and gets pummeled until the ref stops the fight.

This drill requires practicing the outside leg kick. Your partner and you are both in fight stance - left foot forward. After your opponent lands an outside leg kick, you will take a step forward and your opponent will take a step backwards. As you take a step forward,, you will land an outside leg kick of your own. You will then take a step backwards and your opponent will take a step forward and land an outside leg kick of his own.

Drill #4
In relation to drill #3, perform inside leg kicks

Drill #5
In relation to drill #3, instead of stepping backwards or forward, your simply going to switch from left fighting stance to right fighting stance. Simply jump up in the air and put the opposite leg forward.

Important to note is that you definitely want to practice anticipating kicks and reaction to such. Other conditioning techniques involve taking a bow staff to the weak areas of the leg to build up a tolerance to pain. Hope this helps.
6/15/11 1:22:22PM
Leg kicks hurt like a mother ******, eh. My buddy teaches muay thai and one night I got drunk (he doesn't drink) and we decided to trade leg kicks. Bad idea on my part... I managed to take 4 of his before I called it quits. An hour after I went to walk up the stairs and leave and I couldn't get up the steps, lol.

Looks like these guys know what they're talking about so I figured I'd leave out the advice and tell a nice little story
6/15/11 7:34:09PM
I do knee bends to near failure and leg extensions at a weight I can max 20 reps and it works good for me. It's also a good drill to take turns with a partner kicking each other with shin guards start slow and work towards full contact.
6/15/11 11:02:30PM
work on checking those kicks and make sure your opponent pays for those kicks.
6/15/11 11:41:52PM
Being that he is going in to his second fight, I wouldn't recommend checking any kicks until you do proper shin conditioning. If you think getting kicked in the leg is bad wait till you check a kick and get caught on the outside of the shin...you are going down...and...you will stay down. The next 2 to 3 weeks you will dedicate to learning how to walk again. No joke, been there done that.

Again, I wouldn't advise checking any kicks, best bet is to condition your legs, anticipate kicks or execute a push kick. I always stay light on my lead so when some one comes in for a kick, I execute a push kick and their kick loses all power and or they land on the back side.
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6/16/11 1:08:44AM
Hey yeah thanks for the drill ideas, I have another fight in 2 and a half weeks so I'll start working on getting used to the feeling of it . .
7/22/11 10:44:04PM
I play football and what my coaches do is make us run do lunges, high knees and etc. but yeah i just started conditioning 2 weeks ago and my legs alredy are getting stronger so yeah, just run, backpedal, and lunges and i hope it helps

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