Right Leg Hospital, Left Leg Hospice

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6/11/10 6:41:00AM
Either way, Pat Barry apparently is going to spend the next 2 years staring out a window, but where might depend on if Mirko Cro Cop can throw one of his signature high kicks. "[Pat Barry] said, in the case of him winning, that he will spend two years staring outside a window, but he must also have one thing else on his mind: In case he loses the fight, and I am lucky and throw a high kick, he might stare outside the window for two years, too. With a nurse by his side."

6/11/10 6:08:41PM
I laughed pretty hard when he said this and it's good to this side of Cro Cop. I think he knows his better days are behind bu he's still relevant and can put on some great fights but the match-ups have to be right. This is a mach that is going to be exciting to see.
6/11/10 9:15:37PM
Gotta love Barry. This guy says al the rights things and delivers on them. Although his klicks break legs whil Mirko Ko you. I belive Barry leg crushers will be the defining edge in the fight and get Baryy a TKO GnP stoppagein the 2nd
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