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7/28/07 2:37:12PM
iff someone gets ahold of your leg when you kick and they grab it. how do you get out of this?
7/28/07 3:17:05PM
The main thing you have to do is lean forward, and try to put your foot down. Throwing a punch or elbow strike as soon as your leg gets caught will help. If your opponent throws up his hand in your chest to keep you at bay 99 out of 100 times you are going to get taken down. Your best bet in this case is pulling gaurd so you don't get slammed or tripped with power.
7/28/07 3:24:01PM
Jump up and kick them in the head with your other leg.

7/28/07 4:16:13PM
It's called a whizzer, you wrap the leg that they have around their waist and push their head away from you and at the same time push you leg to the ground.
7/28/07 4:39:46PM

Posted by LHK

Jump up and kick them in the head with your other leg.

Yep, just like in wrestling. I was actually upset Gurgel didn't try that at least once when he fought Hominick.
7/28/07 10:31:02PM
lol funny thing is i do this as a set up so he will grab my leg

grab the hand that he grabs you with pull it into you and throw a flyin triangle it work 85% of the time for me but take in mind im good at bjj so work it slow and down on the ground b4 you try it standin

main thing get his head down the more this heads down the softer you are going down if he takes you down
7/29/07 7:22:04AM
You try a flying triangle you end up getting dropped on your head.
7/29/07 8:13:54AM
The way we deal with this in Muay Thai is usually to A) Rip your captured leg backwards and try and wrench it from their grip before they close the distance with you, because Thai boxers should always crank the leg to the side and try and rotate a little bit once they have caught their opponents leg, this pulls the opponent off balance, so your leg gets caught and you get pulled too off balance to try a better move, just try and rip it free.

If you can react quickly, the best way to get free is to move in immediately, and throw a punch or elbow and engage the Thai clinch, and take the dominant position (Not hard since your opponent is focused on holding your leg) then just power your caught leg down, and you will be so close to your opponent they most likely wont be able to hold it, once you are free, you are also in the dominant clinch position, so begin punishing them with knees, or disengage the clinch with an elbow and go back to normal fighting distance.

Another way to do it, as mentioned, is to kick with your free leg, but in MMA this isnt all that practical, because it can leave you in a prone position on the ground which they could capitalise on, but if you cant do anything of them others, then you might aswell try something, espescially against a Thai boxer; they will hit your exposed leg so hard you wont be able to walk by the start of the next round!
7/30/07 1:53:06AM
One of the best things that work for me is to keep as close to their body as possible and to keep control of the hands. I like using the whizzer and pulling on the side that my leg is down and pushing their head downward and to that side as well. I normally land on top of the person in the end.
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