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6/13/07 6:49:06PM
Heres the latest on Lee Murray's situation, his agent appeared on sky news...

6/13/07 8:34:20PM
a Criminal to some a genius to others.
Meh he broke the law he should go to jail. Yet he broke the law in England i doubt that the Morrocan Government would jail him for that crime. The might deport him as a unwanted criminal (or somethin).

Anyone else wish that Murray had stuck to MMA?
6/13/07 8:44:46PM
Me....Lee was a great fighter.
6/14/07 3:17:11AM
Yeah, he was explosive...

Like he could afford a million pound complex with an MMA fighters wage... I have to lean more towards the money from the heist, but what do I know... lol
6/14/07 10:42:30AM
the morocan govt wont deport him because they are a non extradition when it come to citizens, and he is half morocan.

last i heard he served a few months for kicking the shit out of the cops that arrested him and for coke. but they werent charging him for the robbery
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