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11/16/07 9:53:25AM
To keep weight off, I read an article stating eating 5 or 6 small meals a day keeps the metabolism going. Eat healthy and often is the key supposivley. So eating healthy and often will shed the weight? And working out and cardio exercise will burn that quick?

Not a big weight cutter if you guys didnt notice. I usually stay at my own weight
11/19/07 10:19:47AM
By eating 5- 6 smaller meals per day, it is easier on your body to digest and burn of the extra calories. If you are looking to burn a few more extra calories, 30-45 minutes a couple time a week of some type of cardio would do you well.
11/19/07 2:48:24PM
i have a buddy who lives by this.
he says the best part about it is that it cuts down on snacking b/c you always ahve food in your belly and you arent really hungry.
11/30/07 11:41:26AM
when u eat, i would suggest things that naturally boost ur metabolism such as...

Some spices increase metabolism and decrease sugar cravings. Cayenne pepper, ginger, and mustard increase the metabolism; less than 1 teaspoon of dry mustard can increase the metabolism 25% for up to 3 hours. Bay leaf, cinnamon, and clove decrease sugar cravings and help control blood glucose levels.

Certain herb combinations are used to increase thermogenesis (heat production), which burns calories. The correct combinations of ma huang (ephedra), which contains ephedrine, guarana (kola nut), which contains caffeine, and white willow bark, which contains “natural aspirin”, can increase thermogenesis. Ginseng (Siberian and Panax), astragulus, gotu kola, schizandra, and licorice root assist the body in homeostasis and stress adaptation.

Proper nutrition is essential in maintaining and increasing metabolism and for health. If you live in a polluted environment, lead a high stress life, consume many processed, non-organic foods, it is most likely your body would be much more efficient if you include supplementation. Vitamin, minerals, and essential fatty acids will increase energy, activity levels, and metabolism. Protein decreases fatigue and increases metabolism -protein can increase your metabolism 10 to 30% after a complete carbohydrate meal! Carnatine, an amino acid, assists fatty acids into the cells mitochondria to be utilized “burned” (1 gram per day recommended). Chromium is essential for normal insulin function, which effects appetite by helping to control blood glucose levels and sugar cravings, calorie burning, and fat loss (400 mcg per day recommended). Vanadium also helps to control blood glucose levels and sugar cravings.

all i care to add.
12/1/07 10:24:28PM
Man up and eat maybe 4 to 5 once your metabolism is good. Drink a lot of water. Exercising is essential. I usually make sure to eat under 300 caleries a meal. Consume under 1600 a day if you're a big man. Sleep will make you feel better and stabilize your body. Also make sure to attempt to keep in a good mood. If all you do is gripe about your diet low moods slow your weightloss.
Trust me on these.