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7/20/08 11:03:07AM
I have to give Affliction credit , they looked like a organization that has been around for years , I really enjoyed the whole show..... Its nice to sit back and know at least one fighter in every match, not to mention these guys are top notch !!!! Kudos Affliction we need you to keep the UFC on its toes and stop looking at the numbers aspects and give what the people want.......
7/20/08 11:50:30AM
yeah, if they can get randy fedor idc what UFC puts on spike for free im going get watch that
7/20/08 12:03:52PM
They did a good job. The production can use some work, and the announce team had a lot of dead air moments. As far as having 1 fighter in each fight that you know, I don't think that is as important as having 2 guys in there ready to fight and put on a good show. Affliction will need to get deeper in each weight class if they want to stay around for a while.
7/20/08 1:12:10PM
I agree 100% , but i think they put together the best of what was available. Trust me its not about watching 1 big name beating up on a rookie, But i am getting sick of watching fighters from the Ultimate Fighter ,fight night after night, I want Wanderli , Tito , Nog , Henderson , Gomi , Penn , Liddell , to headine a card, not a Bisping, Evens or whatever other Ultimate fighter they are jamming in our face. Im not knocking those fighters but i really think there are others out there whom deserve it more and payed there dues. UFC will keep putting these fighters in front of us cause they are a cheap contract ! Not the best ......
7/20/08 8:31:54PM
Overall I say 8/10. Three negatives I saw: The ring was kinda too big, the camera seemed too far away and the in-ring interviews were bad. Although during Fedor's interview he looked like he wanted to start laughing after every question, which I thought was pretty funny.
7/20/08 8:35:46PM
why did you start basically a copy of your other affliction thread? was one not enough.

7/20/08 8:50:14PM
Just to annoy you...
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