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5/22/15 10:51:44AM
One FC 27

Shinya Aoki def Koji Ando by Unaimous Decision
Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirchoke def Roy Doliguez by Unanimous Decision
Rob Lisita vs Timofey Nastyukhin - Cancelled (Lisita failed medicals)
Lowen Tynanes def Kuat Khamitov by Unanimous Decision
Marat Gafurov def Ev Ting by Round 1 Submission

Hard Knocks 43

Nick Ring def Jason Zentgraf by Unanimous Decision
Misha Cirkunov def Shaun Asher by Round 1 Submission (armbar)

KSW 31

Michal Materla def Tomasz Drwal by round 3 tko
Mariusz Pudzianowski def Rolles Gracie by round 1 tko
Karol Bedorf def Peter Graham by unanimous decision
Goran Reljic def Attila Vegh by Split Decision
Kamil Szymuszowski def Maciej Jewtuszko by Unanimous Decision
Aziz Karaoglu def Jay Silva by round 1 TKO
Tomasz Narkun def Karol Celinski by round 1 submission (RNC)
5/22/15 6:05:29PM
Flashy bro, you wrote down decision by Aoki's name. I didn't see the fight nor do I know the outcome but I'm pretty sure it should say submission instead.
5/22/15 6:41:08PM
4-0, 44 pts
5/22/15 9:19:01PM

Posted by Budgellism

4-0, 44 pts

That's an impressive start. Surprised you picked Aoki via Decision. Myself and everyone probably picked an early Submission.

Gafurov needs to get signed by one of the bigger promotions. Preferably the UFC but Bellator or WSOF would work and get him more exposure to the MMA fans.

I'm also 4-0 but only 28pts with 1/2 my parlay complete with Amnuaysirchoke winning. Went conservative with a 2 man parlay with Attila Vegh.

The KSW card has some tough fights coming up as far as predictions go. Seems like over half those fights could go either way.

Tough HB this week too. Went with Drawl in that one with little to no confidence.
5/23/15 1:07:24AM
Misha Cirkunov looked great. First round armbar

Nick Ring won decision I think. I wasn't paying much attention to that fight

The KSW tomorrow is stacked. Hope I can watch it. Pudz shed a lot of his muscle for this fight, I expect his cardio to be improved.
5/23/15 7:12:11AM
Nick Ring defeats Jason Zentgraf via Unanimous Decision
Misha Cirkunov defeats Shaun Asher via Submission (armbar) - Round 1, 1:20

6-0, 66 pts
5/23/15 2:10:25PM
KSW 31 is live now on the Fight Network for those who are interested. Not all of the main card fights are L2 fights but the majority are.

Nvm. I guess they showed the prelims as well. The 7 fight main card will be starting in a few minutes. All 7 fights are L2 fights

Lol, I love KSW's production value. Reminds me of the old Pride opening ceremonies from time to time.
5/23/15 3:03:15PM
Damn, the streak is over with the very first KSW fight... 6-1.

Tomasz Narkun defeats Celinski via Submission (rear naked choke) - Round 1

And now comes the snowball of shitty picks. 6-2 now...

Aziz Karaoglu defeats Jay Silva via TKO (punches) - Round 1
Kamil Szymuszowski defeats Maciej Jewtuszko via Unanimous Decision

5/23/15 3:35:41PM
7-1, 67 points.
5/23/15 4:17:14PM
Goran Reljic defeats Attila Vegh via Split Decision...

Goran didn't do anything until the 3rd round! That's some bs right there imo.

6-4 now
5/23/15 4:19:45PM
Brutal, I was 6-0 too, now 6-4.

I had it for Atilla, that decision was pretty whack

Hope they overturn it like they did for Pudz vs. Thompson 1
5/23/15 5:05:18PM
Karol Bedorf defeats Peter Graham via Unanimous Decision

Finally a correct pick on this card. 7-4, 77 pts
5/23/15 5:12:04PM
I'm liking these Polish (assuming that's what they are) walkout songs
5/23/15 5:19:20PM
Mariusz Pudzianowski defeats Rolles Gracie via KO (punches) - Round 1

Wow, that was impressive. Honestly thought Gracie would get a quick sub. I didn't think Pudz had that in him.
5/23/15 5:50:28PM

Posted by Budgellism

I'm liking these Polish (assuming that's what they are) walkout songs

Props on all the perfects

KSW has a really good DJ, they definitely know how to put on a show. Now they're planning an event for a stadium that seats 73,000 people. Should be quite the spectacle.

Pudz is quicker and has better cardio now, he actually looked impressive for a change.
5/23/15 5:56:33PM
WOW, that stoppage was BS. He was fine, there was only 7 or 8 seconds left in the fight.

5/23/15 6:04:16PM
PudZ via knockout. Zombie Prophet posted the GIF on Twitter. Monster shot from PudZ.
5/31/15 8:12:32AM
Do you receive a badge for the top spot in L2 betting?, I never got one for this event
5/31/15 12:41:36PM
You will get one, but they don't appear immediately.

I'm sure Grappler will have them up soon