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3/26/07 9:50:28AM
ill take any wagers with decent odds.
3/26/07 11:57:50AM
i have 450 left, ill take 1.5 to 1
3/26/07 2:28:19PM
i don't really know how to set up the wagers... If you want to PM me... I got 200 on Diego at 1.5:1 against...
3/26/07 2:36:19PM
the best way is go to the wager finder, you can always find people who dont really know what they're doing and get them to give you ridiculous odds, got 1:3 on guillard
3/30/07 11:57:01PM
ok, I want to send out a wager for this fight. It's my first one so I wanted to make it small just to test the waters.

I wanted to put 50$ on Koshceck, and based on the fact that Diego was a strong favorite, I thought 3:1 odds would be fine.

I tried to put in 150$ for my opponent's wager and the popup asks if I want to bet 150$?

I'm confused. I thought that given the odds this is how it is supposed to be set up.

Am I misunderstanding how this works?
3/31/07 2:57:43AM
The popup asks if you want to confirm your REQUEST for a $150 wager. You are requesting that the other guy wager that much.

You are doing it right.
3/31/07 9:39:04AM
ok then.

Anyone want go in on that bet? Or should I just send out one or two randomly?
4/1/07 12:04:05PM
OK, I had to decline a couple offers due to poor odds. Sanchez is nearly a strong favorite.

I'm looking for at least 2:1 odds. Considering the number of people that think Sanchez is so dominant, I figure there should be someone out there that will give me decent odds. I'm not asking to bet a lot, but just give me odds I deserve.
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