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8/22/07 12:03:22AM
Josh Koscheck is one of the most polarizing fighters on the UFC roster.

The former contestant on season one of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has transitioned from being an insanely decorated collegiate wrestler at Edinboro University to a mixed martial arts star in less than three years.

Along the way he’s made a few friends and enemies — inside and outside the Octagon.

Love him or hate him, Koscheck is now knocking on the door for a shot at the welterweight crown in the very near future.

Standing in his way, however, is the former 170-pound champion, Georges St. Pierre, this Saturday, August 25, at UFC 74: “Respect.”


IMHO I think Kos is far to arrogant. Sorry Kos fans but he beat diego with a staph infection not Fedor.
8/22/07 1:56:59AM
No comments? wow.
8/22/07 8:16:20AM
I can't stand the dude. I can't believe he would alienate the crowd and any fans he may have by saying the crowd can suck his ass.
8/22/07 8:36:40AM
Kos is a hilarious guy, I can't believe so many people hate him. This interview had me laughing out loud. He sounds like a guy who tells it like it is.
8/22/07 9:20:53AM
I can't stand Kos. I don't like how he fights or his attitude.

Hopefully GSP will shut him up this weekend.
8/22/07 12:54:59PM
Out of anyone in the history of professional sports my hate for Koscheck eclipes all of them and i can't wait for GSp to shut the koshcheck fans up
8/22/07 4:22:49PM
KOS is funny, but a great fighter he is not.. We will see what he uses as an excuse when he gets his ass handed to him by GSP Sat. night..
8/22/07 9:25:01PM
i love Josh Koscheck and its apparent by some of the PMs i have received people do not agree nor appreciate my defense of him. Let me just say he may be cocky but he is an outstanding athlete and a man who loves mma, loves winning, and could care less what people think about him. Hes a man of the people.
8/22/07 10:10:22PM
I used to like Kos, and I was pulling for him when he fought sanchez. I hate Matt Hughes and even won't say or support the things he's said about him. GSP is a superior athlete, fighter, and person. I think all this talk is going to piss GSP off, I don't really see how you can disrespect someone like gorges, or hughes.
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