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5/10/17 8:13:41PM
Next week's Bellator 179 card has been hit by the injury bug.

Welterweight contender Michael "Venom" Page has been forced to withdraw from his fight against Derek Anderson due to a knee injury, MMA Fighting has learned. The Daily Telegraph first reported the news.


5/10/17 10:01:17PM
Well chalk another one up for a cancelled MVP bout. Uggggh.
5/11/17 4:51:31PM
Yeah i think its 5 cancellations lol

I really hope derek gets that fight as soon as possible he is an excellent test for MVP.

Mvp has two fights left on his contract before hitting free agency so if he's able to stay unbeaten he could be a very hot free agent.

Bellator will give him tough fights to test his worth,suck though im always looking forward to his fights..........can raymond daniels please make the conversion to mma please?
5/12/17 3:31:17AM
MVP hasn't really fought anyone though, he's gonna need to really raise the level of competition he faces in those next 2 fights if he wants to be that hot free agent you speak of. I thought his fight against Fernando Gonzalez sucked, he's done what he was supposed to do to the guys they fed him....Rainey, Burrell,, Bears, Cyborg, etc......but I wanna see this guy fight at least one of the top 170 lb fighters they have on their roster before he hits the market.

Anderson would have been a good test, but he is moving up from 155, he was a big 55er and probably can't make the weight anymore, but he might not be that big of a WW, compared to some of these guys and we all know, size does matter.

Is there room on the 180 card in NYC for them to re-book and is that enough time for Page to heal up and fight?
5/12/17 3:10:55PM
He fought absolute no one before coming to Bellator of any value.Even in Bellator they fed him some bottom barrel guys for quite some time but he has slowly progressed to harder fights.

To date his best opponents were his first two and his last two fights in bellator.

1)Ricky Rainey was a fellow up and coming prospect with good striking and was a test to see where MVPs striking stood......firmly answered by a finish victory by strikes.

2)Nah Shon Burrell rattled off a 6-1 record over nobody's earning his way to Strikeforce where he went 3-1with his biggest win being james terry.He then made his way to the UFC going 1-1 winning against Yuri Villefort,and a decision loss to Wonderboy Thompson.Then he made his way to Bellator winning his debut but then losing to koreshkov and MVP.

He is a mid tier fighter who has good wrestling,decent striking,and an overall grinding style.IMO be beat MVP but it was a close fight and it showed MVP had some grappling work to do.

3)Cyborg as old as he was,was the biggest name value opponent he ever had and tho cyborg was beaten by Saad Awaad before this fight he had subd another young hit prospect in Brennan Ward a fight earlier.MVP is not proven on the ground many thought cyborg would submit i wasn't one of them.It was a mediocre win but it was a step up over regional nobodys we seen fed to MVP after he failed the nah shon burrell test.

4)Fernando Gonzales is by far the stiffest test MVP faced in his career.He has a solid chin,good boxing &dirty boxing,good wrestling,good cardio and pushes the pace.He has wins over Alex Stiebling,Karl Amoussou,Karo Pariysan,Marius Zaromskis,Curtis Millender,Gilbert Smith,&Brandon Girtz.Unfortunately the fight turned out to be on the level of dan severn vs ken shamrock,or houston alexander vs kimbo......a ton of circling and point fighting.

Anderson cut a decent amount of weight to make Lw he will be bigger at WW and MVP isnt a big guy in the division hes tall but not a strong build.Anderson brings tge perfect skillset to beat MVP its a fight i want to happen i hope it does get rescheduled ASAP.

i doubt it gets rebooked for Bellator 180 as the headline is a title fight not leaving much space for another fight unless they remove one and replace it....same fir ppv.

5/12/17 3:17:54PM
Rumors of Gokhan Saki signing ti UFC makes MVP being a free agency target all that more realistic,he is less versed in mma then page and is older.

Also Cm punk comes to mind lol..

Page may not have beaten the elite of the division but he has made quite a following for himself and 9× out of ten his fights are the ones to look forward to.

I certainly hope in his last fights he recieves stiff competition.