A kinder, gentler Chael Sonnen talks Brian Stann.

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7/10/11 1:30:11AM
Chael Sonnen's uspension from the California State Athletic Commission expired this week. As soon as he was clear to fight again, the 34-year-old was back to his ways — calling out fighters and injecting himself into the fray as soon as possible, seemingly making up for lost time.

But while he has been callous and combative in other interviews, it was a more genuine, less venomous Sonnen who answered reporter Megan Olivi's questions.

7/10/11 1:38:43AM
What he said about Wanderlei was true "You're never done with this business, but at some point, this business will be done with you" he hit the nail on the head there regarding Wanderlei. But he was also very respectful to Wandy noting what he has done for the sport and his contribrutions to this sport. Chael seems to rank Brian very highly and has alot of respect for him and I don't think Chael will trash talk in the buildup to this fight. Great interview got alot of insight from it.
7/10/11 2:49:46AM
Sonnen is too smart to trash talk against a respected fellow countryman of the arm-forces. To do so would be digging his own grave. You have to remember, Sonnen has sponsors and there will be consequences if he should say anything his sponsors do not like.

However, expect Sonnen to use this fight with Stann to capture the heart of the American people. He is a conniving eel isn't he? You gotta love Sonnen.
7/10/11 6:37:30AM
"I was trying to get an easy one. I was trying to get Wanderlei or Anderson or "Bigfoot" or just some Silva in general would have been really nice."

7/10/11 2:41:06PM
Kindler, gentler Chael Sonnen? Stann won't think so when Uncle Chael is punching a hole in his face for 3 rounds.
7/10/11 2:49:32PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Kindler, gentler Chael Sonnen? Stann won't think so when Uncle Chael is laying on top of him for 3 rounds.

7/10/11 3:36:03PM
When you say uncle chael you make him sound like that creepy guy at the public pool.
7/10/11 5:21:28PM
Chael Sonnen is retarded, Anderson SIlva Dominated Chris Leben more then Brian Stann did.
7/10/11 10:35:36PM
I'm a little shocked by the deferrence he gives to Stann. I wasn't expecting that. Let's see if he keeps it up.
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