What kinda HIIT programs do you do or reccommend?

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1/17/11 3:38:50PM
Like I have said before I am training for my first tournament coming up for Judo and last week I lost 6 pounds I went from 227 to 221. I have been eating lots of rice, and 2-3 eggs every morning. I recently tried some High Intensity Interval training, it gets my heart rate just pumping. As of right now Im doing:

25 pushups
10 burpees
25 situps
10 box jumps

I do this 3 times with 30 sec breaks between each exercise and 2 minute break between sets. I was just curious as to what kind of HIIT training your doing.
1/19/11 12:10:55PM
Can't say about this!!
10/24/11 9:46:05PM
Search up interval sprints, as well as kettleball exercises for explosiveness and high intensity training.

Good luck!
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