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4/24/08 8:59:20PM
“We’re continuing to work on polishing his striking and we’ve changed his stance, which has made him an even better striker. He is more explosive now and fit. But for a guy who has had only two MMA fights, Kimbo continues to do everything right. He is going to surprise everybody with his ground game, especially those who believe he doesn’t have one.”

– Bas Rutten — former UFC heavyweight champion, MMA legend and trainer for Elite XC fighter Kimbo Slice — talks in a recent press release about how his fighter has come a long way and is prepared to fight on the ground if need be, which goes against popular opinion that the YoutTube sensation is nothing more than a street brawler.

Kimbo added this statement and challenge:

“To all the MMA fighters who continue to disrespect me, to all those who say I don’t have a ground game, I lack this, I lack that, I say, ’stop talking and bring it on. I’m ready.’”

4/24/08 9:02:53PM
I put this in the locker room because i'v got a feeling its a flame topic but hey i like Kimbo an think he's a exciting fighter!

Great to hear he's developing his ground game!
4/24/08 9:17:09PM
I agree, and I don't doubt anything in that article with him having a trainer like Bas Rutten.
4/25/08 3:47:13AM

This guy could be quite good with a trainer like Bas. However, he still needs time to develop like everyone else. He just has added pressure because he has a little fame from street fighting. People hate on him because "he is not good enough" when he has only had a couple fights. No one expects other fighters to be Top 10 ready after a few fights (other than Brock who has fame from wrestling).

War Bas and Kimbo
4/25/08 6:57:04AM
i would like to see kimbo go far, not sure why, i guess just because many people have doubted him and it would be good to see him come out on top.
4/25/08 8:29:07AM
Not to piss on any parades, but Bas was saying the exact same thing prior to the Lesnar fight.

Granted, time has passed and I'm sure he's gotten better. I'm just not sure how much better he could've gotten in a few short months.
4/25/08 10:59:35AM
From all the interviews I've saw of Kimbo and Bas since he got into MMA, he seems to want to improve and has an eagerness to learn. That to me says he will keep improving under Bas. Of course, it would be different if he came in with the I don't need to work on the ground cause I just wanna knock fo0's out kinda attitude.
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