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11/15/07 7:47:40PM
Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson, fresh off his EliteXC debut, today announced that his next EXC fight will be in February. The opponent is TBA.

11/15/07 8:07:07PM
TBA? Tough matchup there...TBA has more experience than any other MMA fighter I can think of...
11/15/07 8:11:28PM
i bet kimbo was ready to fight an hour after that fight.. but its gonna take a few months to find him someone that wont tap out in fear
11/15/07 9:04:30PM
it'll just be another scrub
11/15/07 11:59:49PM
Id like to see him take a step up with the next fight but im not sure he will. I think that they can overpromote him and keep people interested if he keeps winning.
11/16/07 12:04:30AM
My guess is he will fight another soup can, but we'll see.
11/16/07 9:11:15AM
Give him "big foot"
11/16/07 4:18:37PM
I just hope they give him an actual fighter this time.....instead of someone who taps from a body shot....
11/16/07 5:53:55PM
Whoo! Let's get Slice/Cantrell 2 already!! This time, I want to know if he taps at the weigh ins! Make it happen EliteXC!

(i'm joking obviously.)
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