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3/18/08 3:41:45PM
i just started kickboxin and my kicks suck lol. any tips on how i would be able to kick higher? i can only get to like waist leve
3/18/08 4:19:04PM
work on flexibility, splits toe touching etc
3/18/08 4:20:18PM
When I started it felt really awkward. Repetition is key. You will build coordination.
Don't bounce around and use alot of unnecessary foot movement like you see in boxing.
Find your range first.

Condition your shins and feet

and kick.

Also you should experiment with different types of kicking.

Depending on the rules of your kickboxing you might not be able to kick legs or use shin or knee strikes.

I prefer muay thai rules to kick.

The big thing is learning how to mix kicks and punches and learning to set up kicks.

throwing a kick is easy.

anyway, repetition.

ALSO- i forgot this but the guy above me is right, flexibility is more key than anything. You have to be physically capable of throwing kicks obviously.
3/18/08 4:44:49PM
i was the same way =p

it takes time its not like they are going to be high the moment you start. but like every else has stated flexiability and stretching are key give it a few months and your kicks little by little get higher

but im assuming your roundhouse kicks right?

those take time to perfect and to be able to kick to head like CC =]

get a good stretch on before and after training , like i said give it a few months and you will see a difference in your kicks

3/18/08 5:28:45PM
Everyone on here is giving really good advice. Flexiblity and repitition are key. You will be high kicking like CC in no time.
3/18/08 11:57:17PM
Actual routine:

Start off side ways in facing a heavy bag. With the roundhouse kick chambered aim low making sure your hip is turned down, and kick the bag lightly. Retract and repeat aiming toward the middle, retract and repeat aiming a bit higher. Rest and do it again (low, medium high) 30 times on both sides.

You should see some results in about 3 days.
3/19/08 12:31:20PM
I had this problem also until just recently. is it also normal, when you are first able to kick as high as shoulder level, to not be able to put much power on the kick? i can beat the hell out of my shin on mid level and low kick levels but high kicks feels like i cant put anything on them...should i just keep at it and it'll come with repetition?
3/19/08 3:50:57PM
The bottom line is you have to train the right muscles and untrain the wrong ones.
3/19/08 4:24:57PM
thanks guys ill try that flexibility routine
3/20/08 2:06:46AM
yea once i started kicking the bag at our gym i didn't do so well... Hard and faster then hell, but no high enough, i could only kick about little over the waist, Stretch lots, learn to do splits, touch toes, etc. Just stretch out ur legs for 10 - 15 minutes before u go, eventually u will start to kick higher, i can kick someone that is 5'10 - 6ft. in the head now... helps a lot...
3/20/08 10:27:59AM
Seriously guys you need to stop with the stretching comments. Actually tell him or show his some videos on how to stretch and then again I'll lay $100 most of you don't know how to stretch properly for kicking.

Danny if you need a stretching routine what I want you to do is this:
1. 15 minutes of warm up to loosen up.
2. Grab a partner.
3. Lay down on your back and have your partner lift your leg toward your head until you can't go any further. Instead of relaxing I want you to try to drive your heel back toward the ground while your partner gives you resistance. He'll have to hold down your other leg while you do this for a count of 10.
4. Allow your leg to relax and have your partner bring it back down to the ground noting where you had originally gone to on the original step.
5. Repeat one more time you should see a difference in how far you can stretch.

You can do this exercise with several of the more common stretches including butterflies and two man splits.

Lunges will help strengthen your legs while also making them flexible. Do them slow and isolated with as much extension as your body can handle.

3/20/08 5:51:55PM
thnks bro. have been working on my splits aswell
3/21/08 3:05:13AM
Remember your base leg. A lot of people have a tendency to just let it sit there stationary. You've got to come up on the ball of your back leg and let it twist with the kick.

Repetition is key for sure. All in good time and with proper form.
3/21/08 12:35:16PM

Posted by Jackelope

Remember your base leg. A lot of people have a tendency to just let it sit there stationary. You've got to come up on the ball of your back leg and let it twist with the kick.

Repetition is key for sure. All in good time and with proper form.

I knew I forgot to mention something.
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