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9/30/07 2:02:15AM
Frank Shamrock: "The UFC is just another league of MMA." Kendra: "Oh really?"

Edit: Kendra: "The Blonde (Joe Riggs) wins." Shamrock: "They always do." Other useless commentator: "So blondes do have more fun." Kendra: "oh you know we do."

The most intellectual conversation in the world.

Edit: She does love the UFC. She keeps mentioning it.
9/30/07 2:30:46AM
I'm confeused..........
9/30/07 2:36:13AM
If your watching the Strikeforce event, then you'd notice that Kendra Wilkinson one of Hugh's dumb girlfriends was at commentating for the Joe Riggs-Eugene Jackson fight, and I was putting up some of her stupid comments.
9/30/07 4:32:28PM
She actually acted more sophisticated in that commentary than at any other time I've seen her. She's usually overly stupid and laughing excessively. She was still dumb as shit trying to understand the whole UFC vs. MMA thing.
9/30/07 6:35:26PM
mma or ufc what letters do you like
9/30/07 7:39:36PM
Yeah, she was a moron. At least the commentary done by Cung Le, and Michael Clark Duncan was entertaining to listen to.
10/1/07 7:18:15AM
It was material, they shouldnt of been so accomondating and should of made her feel the dumb whore she is, especially when she tried to commentate and called the "choke hold" before the others, then the "oh, oh, oh" like she is having to endure sucking heffs mouldy penis, makes me want to watch Joe Rogans standup material on playboy bunnies again
10/1/07 2:58:46PM
Yeah, listening to these commentators talk made me miss Rogan and Golberg's repeating comments. Even then they were right most of the time, and they never would've called the Puder/Dalton fight close. When they showed Michael Clark Duncan and Joe Rogan, I was like, hopefully they will switch out and let a real commentator speak, but to no avail, they kept Frank and Useless on. I would've even taken Frank Mir over Frank Shamrock.
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