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4/16/10 8:18:05PM
Although UFC has yet to confirm the event or any fighters on it, Kendall Grove said today that his next fight will be at UFC 116 on July 3. He says opponent and position on card are both TBA.

4/17/10 1:43:54AM
Does Herman have a fight coming up? Im down for a Grove/Herman rematch.

Or CB, Goran R, Sakara
4/17/10 9:26:42AM
Goran is also coming off a loss, that would be a decent fight
4/17/10 10:45:09AM
Maybe a sakara yes. Or cb dollaway
My guess is back to spike tv prelim he goes
4/17/10 2:15:34PM
It's too bad he didn't pull out the W in the fight against Munoz.

1) Because I picked him (LOL)
2) Because he had that fight won.

I'd still pick Grove to win that fight 9/10 times. He just made one bad mistake and that's all it takes. You don't go to your back against a D1 Champion Wrestler who has vicious GnP like Munoz does. Baaaad idea.
4/17/10 2:30:25PM
That's why I picked Munoz to win....I was thinking that position was going to come out eventually. However, I think it's why I would pick him to win against CB Dolloway!
4/17/10 7:18:47PM
I picked munoz as well. I thought he was out in the first
And second I was thinking grove would get him
His win suprised me. I dodged a bullet.
Looking at grove I hardly ever pick him to win.
After the lose to cote and rivera I lost faith in him
I may never pick him again ever to win
4/18/10 1:22:41PM
I'd love to see a Grove/Sakara matchup. There would be fireworks there! It definetaly wouldn't make it out of the first round. I think Grove would take it.
4/20/10 12:49:16AM
Reljic is fighting on this card as well without an opponent named..I bet they end up fighting each other.

I want Sakara to welcome Brian Stann to MW at UFC 117
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