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1/10/08 7:54:50AM
After discovering MMA three years ago, Paul Kelly tore himself away from a life of crime and street fighting to pursue a career in the cage. By the sounds of it, the tough Merseyside scrapper abandoned his old ways in the nick of time.

"It's 2008," Kelly said. "No one fights anymore, so it's no good on the streets. Where I live, you get shot in the head."

1/10/08 7:58:09AM
Thats so true, actually more likely to get stabbed than shot but yeah kids these days man, they never sort out problems with their fists its always knives and guns, the teenage pussy chavs need to bring it back to the way it should be

Anyways back more on topic, im clueless to Kelly tbh, but his 6-0 record is impressive with all stoppages, he could trouble Taylor and may just be worth an underdog flutter

FOTN potential for sure
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