UFC 78: Karo Parisyan vs. Hayato ‘Mach’ Sakurai?

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8/21/07 12:16:05PM
Oh man would this be a good fight. If karo wins i'd say he should get a title shot pending how long he has to wait.

8/21/07 12:21:09PM
damn this would be a crazy fight!!!!!!!!!!!! karo is no pushover, but i am goin with Mach..

WAR MACH!!!!!!!!!!!
8/21/07 12:26:53PM
Thats going to be bad ass!!!! I can't wait!
8/21/07 12:29:59PM
if this does happen and kar wins hed better finally get his title shot regardless of the gsp kos outcome. i think the lack of finishing fights has hurt karo, but he just wins, and never is boring. this fight would be one hell of a good one.
8/21/07 12:39:53PM
Yeah even though karo doesnt finish his fights, but his fights are ******* wars that I like to see. Like with diego and diaz.
8/21/07 1:45:30PM
Hm. I don't know about this.

I was recently told by a reliable source that Karo will be fighting on the December 29th show. His opponent was said to be the winner of Koscheck v. St. Pierre, with the winner to receive a welterweight title shot.

Now, you'd probably read that and think a couple of things:

1. "reliable source? BS!"

It may not play out the way I've been told, but I trust this person more than I trust a rumor passing through MMAWeekly. Though I wouldn't be surprised to see Karo fight on UFC 78 in November, I question whether or not UFC will bring Sakurai in at this point. Sakurai's appearance at the past UFC event was not, in fact, indicative of his contract status, though there has been much progress on that front. Sakurai may be signed at this point, actually.

2. "Isn't the winner of Koscheck v. St. Pierre supposed to get a title shot in early 2008?"

Well, that was my understanding as well. But then there are a few issues:

- Should there really be a top contender in waiting for a title for some six months? It stagnates the division to a certain extent.

- Remember once upon a time when Karo Parisyan was GUARANTEED a title shot, only to see it go to BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre due to injury? It makes perfect sense that Karo would be able to earn another title shot,m especially at a time when the division is on hold

So, as great as a Parisyan v. Sakurai match would be, I would caution against getting your hopes up too high. And hey, if this match doesn't take place, the alternative looks promising, don't you think?
8/21/07 1:54:09PM
Im pretty sure it will happen. Gsp vs Kos winner gets a crack at the title. Because Jon Fitch is fighting Diego, Jon fitch could have fought Karo. So karo fighting Mach would make good sense. I think it'd be a good war.
8/21/07 2:01:59PM
karo will take care of business. then i believe he should get a shot at the title. he might not finish fights, but he usually wins.
8/21/07 2:52:18PM
This fight will be fast paced till the end like Parisyan always does. Hope he can finish Saku.

8/21/07 3:38:37PM
lol Karo wont be finishing anybody. Mach himself is a good judoka so i dont see him being tossed around either. Mach by decision.
8/21/07 4:04:35PM
I am takin Karo by UD
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