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8/4/09 3:11:16AM

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Posted by pv3Hpv3p

I don't think anyone will argue that JDS is one of the most exciting HW prospects around... and he's looked great in the UFC fights...

I'll debate that point, he is a middle of the road fighter that will never hold a title in the UFC and would get destroyed by any of the top 5 fighters in the UFC. Two fights in the UFC and he's one of the most exciting prospects? I guess that just goes to show how weak the HW division is then IDK I just dont see anything but a pink slip in his future.

IMHO, there's no such thing as a truely "deep" HW division... anywhere... Secondly, ya I'd call him an exciting prospect... came out of no where and KO'd Werdum, consequently knocking Werdum out of his #1 contenders spot... then had another 1st rd ko in his next fight... I think that makes him an exciting prospect... maybe we have a different definition of the word? Not saying he's gonna be champ, but he's done enough to generate some interest in this upcoming fight (hence us writin in this thread etc)

To me for a fighter to be a "exciting HW prospect" they have to have the potential ability to be the HW champion/contender in the future. That at least in my mind is what separates them from being just another fighter.

Dont get me wrong Im not on the Werdum train either, I think he's a solid fighter but that's about it.

I also never said that I was comparing the UFC to some other promotion, there are just too few high level fighters that are true heavyweights. I think the UFC is making a good push to shore up the division and with the resent past events its hard to argue anyone has a better HW division but they still have a gap.

we all know the Houston Alexander story and his two first UFC wins seemed much more impressive than that Dos Santos's IMO.
8/4/09 9:15:14AM
The way I look at the match up is like this. JDS is still pretty unproven in the octagon. He has two impressive wins/finishes and he trains with a world class fighter. I think those that are leaning on him taking Cro Cop out are putting a little too much into these two wins, particularly the Werdum one. I am sure if one replaced the name Werdum on his record with Joe Boxer with the same record as Werdum, people might be a little more conservative in their assessment of his abilities. Given the history of number of how other fighters have done after a couple "big" wins in the UFC (I listed them on a similar thread as this one), I think JDS has about a 50:50 chance of winning by that regard.

Now looking at Cro Cop. Again, the people that are counting him out are still focusing on his loss to Gonzaga and Kongo. Really only the loss to Gonzaga is one that I would consider significant considering that he did well against Kongo until he got his rib broken and balls whacked several times. Not only that, he looked really good against Al Turk and I feel bad that the eye poke incident is taking some of the that away. Given Cro Cop's experience and performance, even including his recent losses, I say he has a 75:25 chance of winning.

People are also crediting JDS' boxing skills but are ignoring the fact that Cro Cop has a lot of K1 level kickboxing skill. Added to which, Cro Cop clearly looked like he was really trying to make a statement about working on his boxing in the AlTurk fight, though part of that may have also been the fact he was still letting his knee heal a little more from surgery.

Cro Cop has been around for a while, but I think he is far from being over the hill. I think Cro Cop has the edge in this fight by a margin of 2:1
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