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9/13/10 9:01:49AM
Jorge Masvidal (20-6), who recently dropped a decision to #10 Ranked Welterweight, Paul Daley, has signed with Strikeforce, and will be dropping back down to lightweight.

"I signed a 6 fight, 2 year deal with Strikeforce. Let the world know I am going to knock out everybody they put in front of me. I don't have an opponent yet but I want a big fight; you know. I want Melendez or the next big name. No B level fighters. Beerbohm is good but nobody really knows him. I would like to get Kawajiri, that would be great."

9/13/10 9:47:17AM
Masvidal proved that all it takes are some simple boxing fundamentals to really reduce the effectiveness of Paul Daley.
9/13/10 10:15:07AM
I didn't see the fight, but from what I read, he got robbed, eh? I like Jorge, he's a good fighter, and is always bound for an exciting fight, whether it's a knockout or him getting caught in an inverted triangle.

He just makes the Strikeforce roster that much deeper. A fight with Beerbohm would be nice.
9/13/10 7:49:53PM
It was enough that I think Daley is too highly ranked and just dropped him off of my top ten. Good for Masvidal, there will be some good fights for him there, I'd like to see him take on the loser of Diaz Noons....or Hieron if he is still around.
9/14/10 7:12:03PM
Great move by Masvidal. He got hosed against Daley for sure. A move to LW is a good one for him. He has legit all around skills. His boxing is on point, he showed that against Daley
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