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6/10/09 1:30:22PM
Also check out what the AKA standout has to say about facing Paulo Thiago at UFC 100 and playing with himself in UFC Undisputed 2009.

6/10/09 1:46:21PM
He's also the best 170lber in the world not named Georges St. Pierre... even if he is twice the fighter he was a year ago, I'm not so sure thats enough to even beat Rush.
6/10/09 1:51:18PM
6/10/09 3:46:02PM
Helwani is delivering some nice interviews of late.

I like Fitch's concept on hard work and talent. I would love to see him earn a rematch. It might come sooner if Alves has anything to say about it.
6/10/09 9:20:31PM
I hope Alves wins, I really want to see Fitch beat Alves again.
6/10/09 9:25:29PM
That's unfortunate if true. He'd have to compete at SHW from now on.
6/11/09 12:57:53AM
I hope Fitch fights his way back for a rematch. That fight with GSP was a freakin war, showed so much heart. Thiago's in trouble, I just don't see him pulling off anything in this one. I mean he's got a dangerous ground game and proved he can drop you if he can land one of those ugly sloppy shots but Fitch I believe is too smart and will just run right through him to make a statement, 1st round beating im picking. Fitch is definitely IMO still the #2 welterweight in the world and if anybody could beat GSP at 170, I definitely think he still has one of the best chances. Glad to see hes not questioning himself, love the mental toughness. He's still dangerous and even more dangerous now that he wants a rematch and am so excited to see him make his way back for another shot! WAR FITCH!!!
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