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3/25/17 12:53:22AM
The fight of Joseph Benavidez with Ben Nguyen and John Moraga with Ashkan Mokhtarian has won the UFC Fight Night 110.
Two duels in the category have been officially announced for the UFC Fight Night 110, which will be held on 10 June in New Zealand Auckland.
Ranked # 1 in the Joseph Benavidez (25-4), who has won six consecutive matches since the second defeat of Demetrious Johnson, crosses the 13th place with Ben Nguyen Nguyen (16-6), who won three out of four Clashes in the octagon, recently confidently beating Geane Herrera.
Australian living in Australia is a very efficient and extremely versatile stand guard who works great on his legs - and in fist and kick exchanges he can endanger Benavidez, especially since he is fighting for the fight. However, it is difficult not to favor here the former challenger, who also has a solid inventory, faced with much stronger rivals and has much more experience.
3/25/17 12:58:23AM
I know you guys knew about Joe Benavidez vs Ben 10.

But i wanted to share this new Top #1 Ranked Aussie Mokhtarian signing and his upcoming bout with John Moraga with you guys. He's 13-1. Should be a good fight.

Also you might have trouble with the link. So itranslated the entire article for easier reading.