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4/15/07 10:19:30PM
Joe Doerksen has signed a 3 fight contract with Pride and is rumored to fight in the next Pride card, He has recently trained with Rich Franklin helping prepare Franklin for Jason. He also trained with Jeremy 'Gumby' Horn, and last weekend had a warm-up fight in Japan in DEEP. Joe won via Triangle choke. Is anyone excited to see how he fairs in Pride. He has recently fought in the IFL and has faught Matt Lindland in the UFC which he lost and therefore didn't get another fight in the UFC. I have been impressed with his performance and wanna see how a fellow Canadian will do in Pride. So anyone wanna send some War Doerksen for some good luck in his upcoming fights?
4/16/07 10:12:15AM
Im pretty sure he fought Nate Marquardt after his fought Lindland. The reason they didnt bring him back was that he was 1-3 in the UFC, and the fight he won, well he took a beating pretty much the whole fight.
4/16/07 7:24:42PM
Yeah i've been training with him sometimes and he is getting alot better, now if only he didn't drink as much...

Oh well he's Canadian
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