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2/10/09 1:38:08PM
''After sitting for a bit and really thinking about whats next, I have come to terms with my last few fights and the losses that I have been through. I meant what I said I am not done, I am gonna stay the course cause I believe in AMC and Matt Hume. I know that I am improving and I know that what I am learning out there is relevant and I will come back from all this.''

2/10/09 1:42:37PM
Good for Jens.
2/10/09 2:42:56PM
Good attitude. I just hope we never see Jens as a Ken Shamrock type figure. He might almost be better off hitting the smaller shows for a bit, notch some wins and build his confidence and skills back up. Then return to the WEC and see if he still has 'it'. Always liked Jens a lot, as a person and as a fighter. I can't say I have ever had him picked in a fight, but I know it's going to be entertaining.
2/10/09 2:55:02PM
As long as he fights smarter fights war Jens
2/10/09 3:44:58PM
As long as he doesn't take some savage punishment in his next few fights, I'll be happy for the man. Glad to see he's not letting Faber's submitting him get to him.
2/10/09 4:48:30PM
2/10/09 5:41:56PM
Good for Jens. He is a good fighter. I am glad to see him continue his MMa career. Maybe a switch to Dream, Affliction is in order. But there are a lot of fights left for him in the WEC. Mini war PULVER!
2/10/09 7:08:32PM
Jens has heart got to love that about the guy!
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