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3/24/08 1:59:41PM
The ones I've signed for are Ricco Rodriguez, Kevin Randleman June 21st, I'm fighting Brad Imes May 17th and I'm fighting Paul Buentello May 31st," stated MMA heavyweight contender Jeff Monson as he talked about all the fights he has signed and lined up. Check out what he had to say about each of his upcoming opponents and you don't want to miss his thoughts on Kimbo Slice, Brock Lesnar, Ken Shamrock, Antonio Noguiera, Tim Sylvia, Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture.
3/24/08 4:02:30PM
Thats a lot of fights in a short period of time,he better not suffer any serious cuts.
3/24/08 10:35:03PM
acually extremly insightfull
3/24/08 10:50:04PM
great interview with Monson. This is the first i've ever seen/read of his interviews and was blown away at how down to earth he was. Saying Kimbo was a semi pro and making more money than he was, and that it was a good thing was awesome. he is a true competitor and i hope to see him back in the UFC soon!!!!!!!!!
3/24/08 11:17:31PM
My predictions: He'll lose via Ud or Split to Imes
Win vs Randleman via Ud
Win vs Buentello 2nd rd sub (late 2nd)
Rodriguez fight I really don't know... Depends on how Ricco comes in shape or not (as usual) but I think unless of a lucky big bomb of Ricco's, Monson would Take it via UD or possible Sub in the 3rd or something, just a hunch.
Anyways, thats what i think
3/25/08 12:42:05AM
Monson is a down ass dude. He's way smart, too.

He says what I've been screaming the entire time about medical bills and fighter pay in MMA.
3/25/08 12:49:12AM
I've been a fan of Monson since seeing his interviews years ago; it's good to see he's going to have a very active year barring injuries.
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