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1/10/08 7:15:27PM
Jeff Joslin (5-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC), the promising Canadian fighter who’s battled injuries since debuting with the UFC in December 2006, plans to return to the organization for a UFC 84 event in Montreal.

Our friends at MMA on Tap (a site that breaks many Canadian stories) posted the report earlier today, and ( has since confirmed the UFC’s desire to get the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt on the April 19 fight card.

Joslin’s opponent is not yet known.
1/10/08 7:41:39PM
can't wait to hear who he's fighting.
1/10/08 9:40:38PM
i can't wait for him to return. i like him a lot and anyone who fights to a split decision with fitch is pretty damn good imo. i hope he gets better and gets back to winning because 5-3 does not represent how good he really is. its good to hear he is all recovered from his back injury that put him out of the lytle fight last July. don't know if you guys knew this but he made the final round for TUF 3 contestants but wasn't selected, how cool would it be if he was on TUF 3, and how do you guys think he would have done?

1/10/08 10:16:33PM
From what your saying he would have done really well, I think the weight classes were wrong for him is all. (Not to sure though) Is he still fighting as a WW?? If so I heard that Diego Sanchez is staying at WW and fighting in April...HMMMMM??
1/10/08 11:35:01PM
Awesome...can't wait!
1/11/08 12:55:40AM
Great news. I actually did an interview with Jeff about 2 weeks ago. I was going to post it here but I don't have a high enough post count yet, lol

Here it is for those who are interested.
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