Jason MacDonald: I’m Fighting in April — in Canada (UFC 83)

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11/30/07 4:44:07PM
The UFC’s long-awaited debut north of the American border will take place in April — in Canada — with Canadian fighter Jason MacDonald on the card.

That’s the word from MacDonald, anyway.

Last week MacDonald told fans, including some MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com) veterans, at a Maximum Fighting Championships event in Edmonton that he was going to fight on an upcoming April UFC card in Canada.

11/30/07 4:53:41PM
Great news if it's true, even better if they can manage to get GSP on the card. MMA is pretty big here in Canada and the country would go nuts with a ton of mainstream press paying attention if GSP was fighting.
11/30/07 4:57:05PM
i will be there !!

11/30/07 5:01:05PM
GSP should be on this card. Perhaps GSP serra is GSP gets past hughes and serra is healed up?
11/30/07 5:44:34PM
I think the only way GSP is not on the Canada event is if he either gets injured beforehand or gets a lengthy medical suspension, although with the event being in Canada it's possible the NSAC can't really enforce it as they could elsewhere in the US.
11/30/07 11:57:21PM
At first I thought MacDonald was cocky but now I realize he's just being confident and I changed my opinion about him. Ever since he took on Franklin I think he is a different fighter. Hopefully he'll have a good opponent and be in a good fight. Maybe Kalib Starnes since he's the TUF Killer.
12/1/07 12:43:48AM
He should fight Kendall Grove or Evan Tanner
12/1/07 4:09:18AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

He should fight Kendall Grove or Evan Tanner

Both would make for an interesting fight in my opinion... though i think MacDonald would smash Grove if Cote could walk through him like he did... perhaps it was just bad luck or a bad match up but that ass whuppin was ugly. I'm interested to see how both Grove and MacDonald do in their next bouts.
12/1/07 5:11:38AM
Kalib is a TUFfer. i would actually like to see him and grove soon, REMATCH.

McDonald could also rematch leben considering hes lost 2 in a row (both to tough guys none the less) and Chris KO'd Terry Martin in which i thought was a great fight. A rich franklin rematch is too soon with out a title fight in the equation.no one will want to watch it. Lotta Options in the MW devision right now. Its funny cause its like all the fighters aside from A.Silva Franklin Okami and Hendo everyone else against each other would probably be close fights.

Heres Hoping GSP Beats Hughes. if he does theres no way he wont be on that april card. whether serra shows up to fight or not they will throw in the next #1 Contendor which would be Fitch IMO and that would be a sick F'ing fight. my bets on st.pierre but fitch has a much better head on his shoulder with ample ammounts of talent as well so id pretty much be chewing my nails the entire fight. 2008 is lookin great in the world of MMA IMO.
12/1/07 1:55:14PM
i will forsure be there in reality they probably are going to hold it at either the bell centre in montreal the air canada centre in toronto if they legalize mma here or General Motors Place in Vancouver. and as for Jason MacDonald i believe he could fight a michael bisping at 185 sinces hes been considering dropping weight classes for a while now and the loss to rashad may have convinced him to do it. he could be fighting travis lutter, he could be fighting nate quarry, he could befighting martin kampman if hes back from injury or even dave terelll.
i just hope GSP is fighting serra on this card after he TKO's matt hughes.

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