James Wilks Off UFC 129, Diaz Now Faces McDonald

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1/14/11 4:50:14PM
A change was announced today to UFC 129-James Wilks is now off the card for as-yet-unknown reasons. He was to have faced Rory McDonald. Nate Diaz is the replacement, paperwork has been signed and an official announcement is on the way.

1/14/11 5:09:55PM
Awsome fight, I gotta go with Diaz! Should be a hell of a fight, both guys will be hungry for a W.
1/14/11 5:20:01PM
Guess I'll go with Diaz because Idk if Rory can just control Diaz to win a decision.
1/14/11 6:28:11PM
Sorry to see Wilks taken off, but it saved him. I had McDonald putting the beatdown on him.

As for Diaz, I'm not sure how this fight will go. McDonald's striking is underrated in my opinion, and Diaz has been wanting to box recently, so who knows.

As it stands I'll probably choose Diaz just for a safe bet, but I might change my mind when the event comes around.
1/14/11 6:42:41PM
YES!!!!!! and i get to see it live so stoked

i am calling it right now, this is going to be the FOTN. i have McDonald via decision. both have good boxing, both have a good ground game (though Diaz should have the edge). this is a much stiffer test than Wilks for Rory and i cant wait to see it.
1/14/11 7:06:12PM
Wilks got saved
Wish this fight was on main card.
Feel bad for rory
1/14/11 8:45:13PM
McDonald all day.
1/15/11 5:32:30AM
Rory is a bad dude, he was dominating in his fight against Condit until he got his face rearranged in the third round.

This is gonna be a hell of a fight.

Guess who I am going with?
1/15/11 11:21:26AM
Diaz vs Brown , Rory vs Riddle. would be a better matchup. Rory should be given an even matchup. Nate has so many UFC fights and has been a main event for a lot of Fight Nights. Rory lost his first UFC fight against a top dawg and did well, but should get to build himself up before fighting Diaz.

Joe Silva must think highly of Rory, or despise him imo

Diaz against Condit would be a scrappy war imo.
1/15/11 11:56:58AM
Still picking Rory on this one. He'll completely school nate in the standup
1/15/11 2:26:38PM
i think nate picks him apart everywhere. not saying a beat down, but just an outclassing and a clear cut UD
1/16/11 4:42:10AM
That's an awesome match up...both are young hungry lanky fast slick on the ground and decent on their feet....should be awesome. I would give Nate the edge on the ground but would give Rory the edge on the stand up personally.
1/16/11 11:02:53PM
a far better fight- great news
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