Jake Shields in UFC for 2008?

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10/15/07 12:41:10PM
Shields thinks UFC

Looks like Shields could be coming to the UFC in 2008. Lets just hope Dana shows him the money and doesnt try lowball techniques again.
10/15/07 12:53:23PM
i would love to see him in the UFC he is sweet
10/15/07 1:39:14PM
enough with this Dana lowball techniques bs he pays whats appropriate

get a grip son
10/15/07 1:40:06PM
Fitch vs Sheilds or Shields vs Sanchez, GSP would be freakin great matches..

the only bad part is Sheilds even with alot of UFC wins will have to wait 5 years to get a title shot This just means more people added to an already overfilled division. This means the WW champ SHOULD be busy for the next 2-3 years..
10/15/07 3:27:33PM
the addition of shields will make the WW division in the ufc even more exciting and more stacked. IMO, the UFC WW division is the best, most talented division in mma. If this happened it will only prove my point further
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