Jackson Says GSP Will Be Ready For War

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11/29/07 5:04:46AM
When it was announced that Georges St-Pierre would step up on short notice to battle Matt Hughes for the interim welterweight title on Dec. 29, Greg Jackson, St-Pierre’s coach and trainer, kicked into overdrive to make sure his fighter would be ready for the task at hand, a five-round title fight with possibly the most dominant champion in Ultimate Fighting Championship history.

“I don’t think he’s looking past Matt Hughes at all. Quite the contrary, we’re really excited. Matt’s in great shape, I’m sure, from training so hard to fight Serra, so we’re expecting a five-round war and we’re going to make sure that we’re not expecting to knock him out. We’re not expecting to tap him out. If that happens, hey that’s great, we’re expecting to be in a great war.”

11/29/07 5:18:20AM
GSP will be so pumped that he will KO Hughes, I watched their last 2 fights, GSP v KOS, Hughes V Lytle and I think that this will be a easy fight for GSP. Then Serra will probally knock him out! Hope not.
I shed tears after 69!
11/29/07 5:28:01AM
LOL at Serra KOing him again, just imagine it, he does have great hands know but GSP wil be smart and take him down and GnP him

This fight will be closer than last time though, still when GSP sprawlsthose first few takedown attempts bu Hughes his will will break and will try and stand with GSP and then get properly KTFO

Last time he ate these badly - Superman punch + Left Hook + Left Head Kick + Left Elbows

This time he will eat a knee BADLY
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