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8/30/09 5:07:52PM
Some quick thoughts...

After watching Couture/Nog, I can't help but think and wish people who don't follow MMA, at least as religiously as I do, understand what they witnessed. Some could say Nog just plain took it to the Natural. Some might say Rodrigo is the real deal and should've won, others might claim Couture should've. I am glad when guys from PRIDE, or other org's come in and are successful. Because alot of UFC fans, are fans after TUF, and see Couture/Liddell/Griffin as the top of the food chain. Now, don't get it twisted, Randy and Chuck are two of the greatest, not only fighters, but champions to ever put gloves on. And Forrest did "swipe" a decision to become champion, but when Shogun cracks Chucky, Anderson humiliates Griffin, and now Big Nog schools Couture, I'd like all you ignorant biased so called 'mma' fans to chill.

I wish to whoever that Nog/Mir could happen all over again...but it can't and Frank handled his. But after last night, WAR NOG. He looked great. And I personally, hope he takes the belt from Lesnar. Speaking of Brock, I liked that he showed some class and even yelled in support of Randy. Bout time he showed the type of respect we all appreciate. Just look at how Nog big'd up Randy calling him one of his "idols" and clapping and watching the Natural's post fight interview. Now that is why that fight was soo special. Two of the greatest HW's in a brawl, and coming out shaking hands, and proping each other up.Awesome.Take notes Brock.

Silva is a bad man. I'm sorry I doubted you sir. Keith looked like he just woke up and had to ask the ref what the F#$% is going on? I love it. Thiago will be looking at a top 10 fight agian and I will be waiting.

Nate Marquardt looked great in the 20 seconds he fought, talk about on a mission. Yeah, I think he is deserving. I thought Hendo is/was deserving as well, though. If Silva, indeed, is going to only fight 3 more times. Then, I think it makes sense to have Hendo/Marquardt fight. They've already got their shot at the Spider. I am keen on a Hendo/Silva 2 and with Nate KO'ing Wandy's new training buddy, i wouldn't mind seeing Silva vs. Marq.Nate would want another big win, one over Wand would be huge, and he'd have a chance to avenge Keith's loss to the Axe Murderer at 84 as well. But now Soares is claiming that Anderson wouldn't mind waiting for the Hendo/Marq fight to happen? He needs a break? Coming from the guy who wanted to fight at least 6 times a year? I get it, everybody needs to rest sometime, and he has the right to do whatever he wants.The LW and WW belts were in limbo because of Penn/Pierre so why not do the same with the MW title. But his last fight, the training was prolly more taxing then the fight itself. That fight was no more than a demonstration on a punching dummy. So we will see how it play out. If Danny really wants his shot at Silva again, he'll take the Nate fight. He claims he belongs or wants to be at 205, I think he steering clear of Wand/Hendo 3 if you ask me.

I want to take a moment and ask are we in one of the greatest years of matchups? At least in the UFC? We have seen some of the most anticipated fights of all time, not just at the present. Look at it......
Penn/Pierre 2
We have had the privilege of watching the emergence of one of the sport's next kings in Machida, who now faces another dream matchup with Shogun, a guy who still doesn't get his due, but has the chance to prove his worth at 104.
Rampage/Jardine was a great back and forth battle that warrants mentioning. Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans' perfect records being taken by the aforementiond new king. Setting up a Rampage/Rashad rivalry that will be sizzling for months to come on the Ultimate Fighter season,capping with the showdown at the end of the year. Silva taking back his fearful image after his dismantling of the Dean of Mean last night. Diego's stamp on the 155 lb division which culminated against Guida in what will dook it out with any fight for fight of the year. And Sanchez/Penn will be another pivotal moment in the sport. Brock Lesnar's new role as super villian,awaiting a triumphant and desired A@@ whooping from the likes of Carwin, or Nog after last night. Only, of course because Fedor has decided to wait until he is the last guy to go for it, and rightfully so, it starts and ends with Emelianenko. Hendo delvered the KO from H#$$ and everybody in the US appreciated it(I picked Bisping, what a douche). BJ is back after getting pummelled in what we will now remember as the Greasegate fiasco, just ask the commision. Florian heading back the board,staring down a Guida matchup down the road, awesome. Anderson doing what Anderson does, poor Forrest. Who will Jon Jones fight next? The list goes on, and on. We still have
Franklin/Belfort, Shogun/Machida, Penn/Sanchez, Lesnar/Carwin, ah hmmm tito/coleman, Rampage/Rashad, list continues.

Sorry bout the long paragraphs. Oh and I'm starting this season terribly, I know.
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