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8/27/08 5:42:58PM
Long live the rant...

1."Chucky's intentions"- Liddell has been doing alot of PR for the upcoming UFC 88, as of late. He's come out and said it plain and simple, when he wins, he believes he deserves the next title shot. Rightfully so, he only lost to the last champ, and then the guy who beat 'the champ' in years.
If Liddell knocks Evans out, I want him fighting Forrest in Dec, hell, maybe Nov. 15. I need someone to fight for the belt PLEASE! No more waiting...
Chuck can talk all he wants, but if he's not careful, he'll get done exactly the same as last year, around this time, by a Jackson camp fighter, who was also on the Ultimate Fighter, etc., etc., etc....

2.Rampage's Trash- Jackson has come out recently, in an interview in a UK magazine, I believe, slamming Griffin for his fight, and post fight reaction to the decision. "I don't respect him as a man..." He went on to say that he would have given him a rematch if the tables were turned. I've defended Rampage, and even laid off on any slamming of him, especially due to recent events(breakdowns), but when you lose, act the same from point A to Z.

When that fight got over with, and the decision was announced, noone should've been more distraught, and outraged than Quinton, himself. I was shocked, I expected AT LEAST a Draw, or a CLOSE Decision, NOT 3-2 2x and 4-1 once?! Tell me, how does a man get rocked twice, dropped once(knock down), on the defense the whole round, and still get the round from two judges?????????
Oh, but when he lands nice leg kicks, and is on top for a min or two, that is no doubt, a 10-8 round??????????? Anyways, after all that, Rampage was the gentlemen. He was the one who congratulated the new champ, took accountablity for his actions, and didn't do any kind of trash talking. Now, all of a sudden, he got an opinion that's different? If you felt you won that fight, tell Joey right out, "I WON that fight!", "I believe that I am the champ, and I'm going to be right back for my belt!" Don't be the sportsman that the sport wishes all it's fighters will represent themselves, and then come back after you spiraled out of control, caught charges, and heard all the junk from everyone about how ya got robbed, and beat up, and then, flip it, talk trash about the guy, who mind you, hasn't said anything or done anything to create bad blood between the two of them. I hope Rampage gets a fight with Wandy, or Shogun before this rematch. I bet Jackson TKO's him, and finishs the KO this time if they fight again, ever.
Keep your mouth shut Quinton. There's Another loss for you to have to avenge Awww shucks

3.Kimbo vs. Ken- Now, Elite XC has really gave Kimbo his reallest, most dangerous threat of an opponent...none other than....Ken Shamrock? I thought he retired in '06?After Tito stomped him, for the third time? S#@$, he's lost five in a row, by KO or TKO. And those were all LHW, except Berry(Who?!) Kimbo is going to knock Ken Shamrock the @#$% out. I said it here. Shamrock will be down in the first like a bum, and Slice will eat another slice of cheap pie. You know, I thought they'd give him a joke, again. But, this is better than Tank, I'm still laughing, and most likely, watching. Hey, it's free at least....

4. LW division, and it's champ?- Ok, so Jan 31, '09? that means, two title defenses, or fights in '08. Nice. Ok, now, after the Penn/Pierre remtach, what? three, four more months maybe, until a title defense? The belt wil have sat on the shelf for a year by then. Meanwhile, guys like Florian, Stevenson, Sherk, Griffin, will have to fight each other. If there is an upside to this, it's that if, and when, there is a LW title fight, we will have the top conteneder, barring no freak injuries, contract issues, etc. Edgar, Maynard, Huerta, Clementi, Guida, Danzig, Fisher, all have chances to get two big wins until then, to put themselves in the thick of things.
My bet, if Florian beats Stevenson, and Sherk wins against Griffin, theyll fight in early '09 for the shot. Florian is the deserving one, but it is worth seeing those two again. Now, if Penn wins, who's to say he won't vacate the belt, and take on the WW division?
The UFC's LW division is the more, if not most stacked one of any org.'s. With super fights, super athletes, and the additions of more fighters, this is where competition and determination, are bred and nurtured, Fight on LW's Just Win Baby!

5.Still no word on Wandy's Next Victim- I'm hearing the same. He wants on the Dec. card, they told him be ready, looks like the Rampage fight fell through (which is ok, only cuz word is is that he is signed on for Shogun), all I do know is, give him a contender. I want him to win, but I want him to win against a name, so he improves his case for a '09 title shot. I'm not feeling a super fight against a HW or anything, just do what everyone expect's and send Bonnar off to be executed. But, if we want it to be sweet, got to be a name, or top 10. Maybe winner of Franklin/Hamill?!

Alot comin up in Sept. so be ready for plenty ranting, The Hammer
8/27/08 5:59:51PM
Forrest was def NOT on the defensive the whole first round. He did get dropped but recovered well.
8/27/08 7:05:07PM
And the second round wasn't 1 or 2 minutes on top it was more like 4 and a half. The only round in question for me would have left it a draw. But in the end I agree with you Quinton needs to accept it and keep his mouth shut.
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