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8/4/08 4:41:43PM
Welcome. To the second edition of Jack's Rants. Let's get to it.
1. WEC-I watched a good portion of the card last night. Stann, wasn't the man, but acted like one in defeat. Props to him. But...did that man get knocked out? Or did he just give up? I mean...the guy got hit, through a punch, then tanked to the canvas like Stallone in the Rocky movies! Covered up too! Where's the Marines' spirit dude?! Second, is Frank Mir really that impressed with the WEC and it's fighters?..."Carlos Condit is in the top 2 in the 'world' at welterweight? Don't get me wrong, great fight last night. A war, that deserved anybody's praise. But top 2? St. Pierre, Fitch, Sanchez, Alves, Hughes, Shields, Koscheck, Swick...etc. Granted, it would be a good fight, but I don't see Condit beating these guys, so no top 2 for me. WEC is not even a runner-up to the UFC, so no Franky, I am not feeling that comment.

2. Affliction has already been rumored to of asked their fighters to take a pay cut for the next event, perhaps even until further notice(or until after the 3rd event, which will be the end of this 'experimental period' that they said would be the scale they base their business' success off of). I knew this would happen. As happy as I was to see fighters making 'better' money, I knew it was too good to be true. Oh, and now with Fedor out, I don't think the UFC will need to bother with the counter programming, Barnett vs. Arlovski is nice, but no Fedor/Arlovski. Hopefully, that Babalu/Ortiz fight materializes, even though Sobral is rumored to fight at The Playboy mansion/Strikeforce card in Sept., I thought.

3. Huerta vs. UFC. I read about a disgruntled Roger Huerta and his feelings towards the UFC's treatment of their fighters. I agree with him on the PR stuff. Guys like Keith Jardine have to do autograph signings, appearances, etc. because they probably need the money. Jardine's contract must have him signed for only 10k a fight, because that man's last 4 fights, 3 of them the other guy made at least 4x as much as he did(maybe not Forrest 30-40k). So yeah, that PR stuff can take the backseat for the little money they dish out, , unless you're Jardine.hehe. Now, Roger claims he wouldn't have a problem with fighting anywhere else. I commend him for expressing his true feelings, but, hey, Matador, where else you gonna fight and get thrown on the cover of SI? At least for awhile now? Yeah, so just chill.

4. Can we please get some insight on Wandy's next fight. December? Okay, well we already assumed that because of his expressed desire to fight on the Dec. card. the biggest, end of the year event. But, with all or most the appropriate contenders have fights within 3 months or less, is that enough time to make it happen? Chucky fought Wand in 3 months time last year...The UFC is waiting, I believe, for the loser of Chuck/Rashad, maybe Franklin/Hamill, or Thiago after Machida gets done with him(I am a big Silva fan by the way, and a slight Machida skeptic, but the man wins baby), but I got Lyoto by 3rd round TKO so I don't think Silva will be ready for,...Silva. Rampage will be back training and they'll throw that idea up,although they'd want to milk that matchup, not a Silva/Rampage III when Jacksons coming off a mental breakdown, and a reality check of a losing effort in a champ.fight. Save it for 09'? I'd be up for a wildcard, and it would be that the UFC and Tito get their issues out the way, and bring him in for a Wandy rematch. Hey, a guy can dream.

5. Lightweight Division(UFC)-Okay, if BJ goes up to fight GSP in Dec. considering Sat. goes as planned, then what can we look forward to? Sherk and Griffin for UFC 90 has been speculated, would that be the 'next' no.1 contender? How many contenders, no.1 or not are there in there? You are going to tell me that they have to wait til at least Mar. Apr. maybe, to get the next LW champ. fight again? Hell, winner of Florian/Huerta will be waiting 7, 8 months at least then, and that means another fight would have to happen(i.e. Alves and the WW situation) And now with Sherk/Griffin, who's to say the UFC won't say hey Kenny, because I have him beating Roger, umm...you know how we told you that you'd be no.1 contender if you beat Huerta...yeah, well change of plans, we are going to put you against Sean again(cuz i believe he will beat Tyson)to see who will fight BJ after the GSP fight. And Kenny will say, whatever you guys say, I'm a fighter. Which is the respectful, and rightful way to handle it. But, give these guys a break. They're in the most stacked division, besides LHW, and the guy they have to gun for, more than likely won't be staying there for long. Now, I know what you're thinking, don't I want to see the GSP/Penn II fight? You're damn right I do. But, you gotta say wait a minute, how much will BJ have left for him in the LW's? I like another fight(1) at LW, but then I'd like to see BJ go up again and start clearing out WW, if he can. Penn/Alves, Kos, Sanchez, Fitch, etc. anybody?

6. Money. With Affliction's pay scale, and the on-going contradictions of what's right and wrong with how these org.'s pay their fighters, I'm concerned that the more we are obsessed, and concerned about what's fair, are we going to be blinded by what's really important? This is a sport. Not like any other. None like it. I love it for it's honesty. It's purity. Now, when Kalib Starnes runs, and does everything in his power to not fight, in a fight, because he claims he not getting paid right, the money has invaded the sacred ring(octagon) and that's where the sport will decline. I don't agree with fighters not being paid enough, I think they are under paid, and over played. We can get that out the way right now. But, watch as more fighters look to free agency as a means to an end. What will that do to the competition? Fedor made a reported 1.6 million for his fight with Sylvia. Now, what does a fighter like a BJ, GSP, Anderson think when they read that? Who's to say they say, hey Dana, why am I not being paid the same. I'm on that p4p list with this guy. Dana will say watch how much he gets next time blah,blah,blah. What I'm trying to get at, is I've respected, admired, and been inspired by the level of passion, and competitiveness in this sport, and like all other professional sports, that became mainstream and financially successful, don't want it and it's fighters/athletes to become as commercial, and bottom-line driven as the other sports have.

Alright, thanks for letting me rant, The Hammer
8/5/08 12:01:40AM
Please for the love of God put bigger breaks in between numbers. This is so hard to read. I gave up halfway through. Not bad so far, though.
8/5/08 1:57:57AM
2 words!


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