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9/14/09 2:54:37PM
I wana take a minute to look at the deepest, and most talent populated division in MMA, today. The LHW division. Now, most, if not all the top 10 fighters fight in the UFC so, obviously, this will be directed toward the UFC's div. And yes, I know Mousasi is the next big thing, I think he is top 10 already, but with only a destruction of Babalu recently, to his resume at LHW, we will wait for his next fight for him to become a staple in that top 10. Yeah, Hunt couldn't stop the man.I know.

IMO, the UFC's ranking would go something like this...

Now, aside from the guys' who will be making their returns, or debuts like Belfort, Lil' Nog, and Tito. As well as the ones who change weight classes A.Silva, Hendo, and Randy. Plus, good ol' Chuck. I don't like to use them in the rankings unless they are, and have fought, at least in the last fight. I would put some of the guys above others, and it would definitly shake up the way you view the list. You've got a stacked division. And one that poses alot of great matchups.

With the MW title picture fuzzy, Silva and Hendo will be tied up, I believe, until the next LHW champ. fight occurs. That being the one, after 104. The Evans/Rampage fight apparently, is in a tight spot in the sense that, we don't know when or if it will happen now? And personally, don't wanna see Jackson have another long layoff from fighting, let alone doing 'another' tuf season, and on top, a role in a motion picture.We saw what he did last time that happened. I was certain Jackson would've earned a shot with a win in the Dec. showdown, but who is in there for a shot now?

Thiago Silva, who just got done decapitating Jardine, joins Griffin as the only guys not tied to a matchup. Now, I don't see any of those guys worthy of a shot, Silva to me, needs another win over a top name, esp. considering he had a shot at Machida, and well, you know the rest. So who deserves, or makes sense for next shot. First glance, if Franklin wins against Belfort, and if in exciting, and finishing manner, along with a Machida win would pose the idea of a Machida/Franklin 2, maybe even as coaches of tuf. Now, I wouldn't agree with either Vitor,nor Rich getting a shot. Rich beat Hamill a year ago. Beat Wand at 195 so boooooo that. If Randy beats Vera, will do what they are known for, and giving the Natural a title shot? Tell me, if Vera won, would they give it to him? I don't think so. Ortiz doesn't deserve to be in the picture yet, even though he did give the Dragon a competitive fight, more than anyone in some people's opinions. Yes I saw the fight, Lyoto dominated.

If all goes like this...
Belfort over Franklin.Machida over Shogun. Vera over Randy. Tito wins. Cane over Lil Nog. and Jones over Hamill.

Okay so, end of the year, set Belfort up with Griffin. If Vitor runs through Rich and Forrest, he would be in line for a shot. Shogun would probably be off alil while after the Lyoto fight. Franklin and Jardine might be a logical next step for the two, prolly early '10. Franklin fought three times, so I'm sure will want the rest of the year off. Jardine will need time to collect his head, for real, its still rattling inside his skull after Thiago. Speaking of, if Vera can continue on his streak, I think he could really hurt Couture and finish him. If so, Thiago Silva/Brandon Vera would be a good contenders match for early spring of '10 that meaning Silva, would stay inactive for the rest of the year. Otherwise, Shogun/Silva would be cool. Now, I think Cane will win or at least be too much of a beast for Lil Nog, remains to be seen. But, this is an 'if' situation here. Cane, Silva, Belfort, and Vera would all be looking for a shot, or contender fight in 2010. I can see Machida not fighting until next year, early spring. Although, the Jan.2 card will be screaming for a LHW champ. fight. Any loser out of these matchups will be a great fight for either Jones/Hamill. And obviously, Hendo could enter the picture at anytime, and after he gets disposed of by Silva again. And Chuck will be ready for another fight by next year, so, as much as I tried to make sense of it all, there's too many variables.

Point of this is to see what you think about the rankings, and what you think will happen to the division, and if Machida, indeed will dominate like Anderson Silva has?Speaking of which, if someone does beat the Dragon, I could so see the Spider coming up and taking the belt from anyone. And also, maybe Wand will not be comfortable at 185 and will come up for some more wars!!!

Sorry so long.What you think?
9/14/09 3:13:49PM
I like and agree to what you're saying but I dont think Vitor will beat Franklin or Vera will beat Randy, if you replace them in the matches for later in the year then I think you're on to something.
9/14/09 3:35:16PM
Hey I feel ya.I think Rich can take that fight easy. I just think Franklin's chin cant take a shot but after being rocked by Wandy and Hendo, though, and staying in there, maybe he does. But truth be told, Vitor is much quicker than them, let's hope to jump back into the 205 divison doesn't affect those aspects.

I see Randy pulling a vintage Couture win and taking Vera down at will, and controlling him. But, I just feel Vera is in his element, and can pick Couture apart. And also be as effective as Randy in the clinch. Style wise, I do believe this is a good fight for Randy. But I'm leaning towards the Brandon Vera will win. I could change it though
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