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2/2/08 1:51:38AM
2/2/08 10:43:15AM
WOW, that dude has no idea what he is talking about.
2/2/08 10:52:05AM
If Mir's Stamina is rated 9 (relative to what is beyond me) and Lesnar gets an equal rating, this should be one lame 3 round UD.

Some keys this guy mentions are not wrong, but they are too painfully obvious to mention, and he does not sufficiently back up his keys either.
2/2/08 11:27:41AM
He is trying to quantify this fight but he would need a much more complicated system if he was going to do this properly.

The key for me is Mir's jiu-jitsu is so much better. Even if Mir has better wrestling, that takes a while to be effective. One mistake on the ground against a guy like Mir and the fight is over.
2/2/08 12:55:30PM
lol if brock stands up with Mir he's dead, if he takes it to the ground with mir he's dead.

I deffinately laughed at the "poll"

BUT I'm not counting brock out yet.
2/2/08 5:08:14PM
that guy is full of shit
2/2/08 5:59:51PM
I thought Lesnar's reach was long then Mir's?
This article says different. Anyone know for sure?
2/2/08 6:45:49PM
what is that MMA breakdown for accountants?

What a dipstick. I see the reasoning someone who doesn't understand fighting AT ALL would have behind that, but come on... once you start looking at a physical match in terms of quantifiable parameters you have just left the building.
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