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1/9/11 10:55:29PM
This is a thread I discovered, originally posted in 2006, concerning the greatness of Fedor at the time. While the debate with this is interesting, what really stands out about this thread is the prediction of a pre-UFC Lyoto Machida being able to defeat Fedor and everyone laughing at him saying he couldn't even beat Shogun, Chuck Liddell, etc, let alone Fedor. Another interesting point made by one person who states that Chuck is a one trick pony who would get plastered by the likes of PRIDE's best.

These two statements I think are really interesting, because in 2006 not many people knew how good Machida would grow to become, and most people thought that Chuck was God in 2006, and to find these opinions on a boxing forum I thought was kind of funny to see.
1/9/11 11:19:04PM
made it about 4 pages into the whole "tyson would kill anyone anytime argument" seems as though the people that believed tyson would tool anyone anywhere with one hand on one foot with his eyes closed (I think i stretched their words a little bit) have never seen an mma fight and their brain is impervious to a knowledgeable argument. I was surprised to see the argument for mma being so deep and using the comparisons they did.

I also believe that in 06 anyone on any mma forums saying fedor would lose to lyoto machida would be taken as nonsense. or that beating fedor wouldnt be a fluke. I didn't see werdum happening but after it did I didnt think it was a fluke.
1/10/11 8:07:09PM
There were enough people in 06 who thought Wandy would beat chuck fo rthat to happen but your right he was the man.
1/10/11 8:56:04PM
I like how the guy who rebutted Lyoto Machida threw out Fighters that ended up beating him or fighters Machida never fought. The dude was absolutely correct lol.
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